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Kids ABC Letters Lite helps your preschool kids learn the alphabet letter names.

Because of the existence of modern technology, learning can now be done in a lot of ways. Aside from the traditional classroom setting and home tutorial, gadgets such as computers, tablets, and mobile phones are also used to further increase the comprehension level of our sweet and sometimes naughty kids.

It is a given fact that kids allot a great amount of time in playing rather than studying their lessons. Instead of reading books and doing their homework, most of them prefer to spend the rest of the day by watching television shows and playing computer games. Do you have a child who is into this kind of situation? Are you looking for an answer that might help you make your little monster recognize the essence of education? Well, I suggest you continue reading this app review because this educational application called Kids ABC Letters Lite maybe the solution to your dilemma.

What is Kids ABC Letters Lite?

Kids ABC Letters Lite is an educational application for, and BlackBerry devices. Developed by the leading edugames publisher, Intellijoy, this app teaches your kids the letters of the English alphabet. Kids ABC Letters Lite, the first app in the reading curriculum series created by Intellijoy, is intended for children ages two to seven.


  1. It helps your preschool kids learn the alphabet letter names.
  2. It serves as a great tool to aid your children in writing letter shapes and finding letters in a context.
  3. It is divided into four interactive and entertaining child-friendly sections namely:
  • Naming Letters – This part introduces the name and appearance of each letter in the English alphabet.
  • Forming Letters – This section tests if your kids or younger siblings remember the letter shapes well. They need to slide the colorful puzzle pieces into their proper places to form the letters correctly.
  • Recognizing Letters – This is a fun game wherein your little ones should help the cat to catch the fish with alphabet letters. Hopefully in this section your kids have finally learned the appearance and pronunciation of each letter by heart.
  • Identifying Letters in Context – This is a simple educational game that teaches your little darlings to acknowledge the alphabet letters which they see in the words presented on the screen. As a result, they will soon realize that words are actually made up of letters.

The Pros

Kids ABC Letters Lite focuses on teaching your little darlings the letters of the alphabet. This app is created with a single goal, which is to practice them name each letter. Aside from entertaining your little darlings, it helps them spend their time in a valuable way. With Kids ABC Letters Lite, studying and playing can now be done at the same time.

The Cons

This educational app does not teach your kids the phonetic sounds of each letter. You need to avail the other app called Kids ABC Phonics to know the right pronunciation of the alphabet letters. Also, even though this app features all the twenty-six letters of the alphabet, this free version stops at the letter H. In order for you to get the rest of the letters, you have to upgrade the app and buy its paid version.

My Insights and Reflections

I think Kids ABC Letters Lite is still a must-try app especially if you want your children or younger siblings to learn the letters of the English alphabet. This app assists in promoting educational awareness among the young minds, so I’m still giving it two stars. Will I recommend it? Not that much. Why? Because Kids ABC Letters Lite features only letters A to H in its free version. I bet there are other free apps that can actually present you with all the letters and the same educational value for no cost at all. Nonetheless, if you are willing to pay for its full version, might as well give this a try.

To all , , and BlackBerry users, download Kids ABC Letters Lite today.

If you want to get a view of this application, watch the video below:

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