Let the ‘Battle Alert’ Begin!

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Build your own army to be able to destroy your opponents who are trying their best to march on your land and defeat you.

Yes, the year 2012 has come to and end but the world didn’t as to what the Mayans have predicted. Although some were disappointed and some were just more than happy to live in this world, yet we still couldn’t avoid some natural disasters or even raging war between two or more countries. 2012 has closed yet world peace hasn’t been achieved, right? Well, at least peace within ourselves for some time may be evident.

We may want to take this time to reflect on what happened in our past to be able to have a fresh start this 2013. Agree? Why don’t we go back to the days where the world has been in chaos and each soldier has their own gun which serves as their weapon to save their life and their country as well. World War II might seem so traumatic to the point that the people we love may have given up their lives just to show their love for their country and fellow countrymen.

Hey, enough of the drama! This app review won’t make you go melancholy and experience the chaos all over again. This android app review will bring back the nostalgia of having the World War II in a fun and challenging way! This time, the virtual tanks, guns, and troops are ready to fight and protect their base! Are you up for the challenge? Let the ‘Battle Alert‘ begin!

Brace yourselves and put on your safety gears as we are ready to fight after the jump!

I guess you’ve been tired of the massive runner games that has been popularized by Temple Run, isn’t it? Aside from the ever famous runner games, real-time strategy games are setting the trend among players nowadays. Real-Time Strategy games could be a mix of excellent gameplay and awesome characters to keep the game exciting and interactive. Plus, the never-ending missions that will definitely keep you going through your goals. It’s time to find out if Battle Alert – Red Uprising is one of the few Real-Time Strategy games worth playing for.

Developed by Empire Game Studio, is a free android application which caters to those brave souls who are up to battle their hearts out and win the game. The basic objective of this game is to build your own army to be able to destroy your opponents who are trying their best to march on your land and defeat you. You now have the chance to upgrade your Marine, Flamethrowers, Grizzle Tanks and other powerful units to experience a real and interesting war like never before!

Battle Features

√ Queue commands, create unit groups and control numerous units at a time

√ Access to a variety of arms such as Marines, Engineers, Grizzle Tanks, Black Hawk Fighters and a lot more

√ Plenty of units and multiple upgrade system which are similar to RPG games

√ Tower Defense-like game

√ Take control of all your troops, resource, tower, mine, etc.

Are you up for the Battle?

The battle doesn’t take place instantly. You don’t want to go in a battle without getting hold of the basic measures to do and to use to achieve victory, right? So the game begins with a simple tutorial. Basically, the tutorial teaches you on the grips of the game – letting you know how to control the units and how to use them to attach your enemy. With this tutorial, you will be more aware of how to build your very own defenses for your base to keep your armies strong while your enemies at bay. Aside from this, you will also learn how to deploy your troops in the battlefield. After each mission you complete, you are rewarded with a score your deserve and some loot to continue with your upcoming missions.

The game is simple and complex at the same time. It is simple in a way that all you need to do is to build a strong army, attack the opposing forces and accomplish your missions. Hence, this game has a lot more to offer. There are numerous options and features such as resource, military, defense and a lot more! Of course, these things will contribute a lot into completing your missions and face victory in return.

Kirsten Loves

I simply love the basic idea of this game which is quite challenging, intriguing yet entertaining to play for hours! Considering it’s free, the slick app doesn’t only teach us to fight and kill our enemies. The excellent graphics and awesome sound effects plus the numerous features of this app completes the whole gaming experience of someone who just wants to protect and save his territory from the opposing forces. It is a game where you not only enjoy but your brains are also exercised with thinking of the best strategy to that you can do in order to win the battle. In my own experience, I lose in the third battle because all of my soldiers were killed. Sadly, I can’t figure out how to gather again another set of troops. The funny side is, I was challenged. Isn’t that a good sign?

Kirsten is ready to battle!

Honestly, I am not born to play these type of games which is of course, a typical game played by boys. I am more attracted to girly games such as barbie dolls and dressing up games. Hence, since I have two brothers, I learned to adopt their love for these games – wars, guns, cars and everything that’s linked with showing how tough guys are. Way back then, I had to play with my brother’s Gameboy or PSP just to keep up with him and loosen up the boredom that I”m feeling. I come to love what they love playing. So, Battle Alert – Red Uprising reminds me of my childhood days when I eventually appreciated these type of ‘boy games.’ Would you even believe that I played Metal Slug, Crash Bandicot, Super Sonic and Street Fighter? Those are just some of the few boy games which I loved.

All in all, this game deserves a three star rating because of its simple, colorful and excellent graphics. Although, how I wish that this app could have been personalized as well. Since it’s all about building and protecting your own base, why not decorate it as well by putting in some trees or other stuff that can somehow be a disguise to your real base. In this way, your enemies will find it more difficult to destroy your territory because of those decorations, right? (Well, that’s coming from a perception of a girl) But overall, this game is really fun and challenging to play with. An app that will definitely make you entertained yet keep your brains working to build the impregnable fortress that no one can ever destroy.

For sure, this epic military real-time strategy game will unleash the inner warrior in you. Are you ready to fight and protect your armies? It’s now the perfect time for you to rule the world! Lead your army to attack, protect your territory and get numerous resources. Sounds, great? Then go ahead and

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Let the ‘Battle Alert’ Begin!
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