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On December 13, 2012
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Gouge your way in squishing those cute little clay monsters. Defeat those Bully Beasts, rebuild the hills and save the world of Clay Jam!

Going back to our childhood days, I guess, all we want to do is to play with our favorite toys the whole day until we get tired. We don’t actually care if we spill on some paint on our clothes or even get our hand messy with the clay that we were trying to form for hours. Most kids have been addicted playing with the different colors of clay as they try their best to get their creative juices working. I know, molding a clay into different creatures is quite challenging since you really need to be keen on small details to achieve that monster, snail or anything that you have in mind.

Molded clays can somehow be transformed and portray different characters depending on how we formed them and how we like them to be. This app review will give a new meaning to the lives of our molded clays. Whatever color it may be, with or without eyes, let your day be as colorful and bright in the world of .

Let’s enter the world of after the cut.

, developed by Zynga, is a free Android application where users will play the role of a protagonist as the character of Fat Pebble. Unbelievably, the clay characters and every detail that you can see in this app is all made from scratch and is made from real clay! Isn’t that the coolest? Well, I guess, the developers were blessed with so much creativity and talent with clay molding. It’s awesome to know that through their talent, they’ve created an app which other people will definitely enjoy!


√ Made from real clay

√ More than 20 characters to find

√ Five unique hills to rebuild: Beardy’s Bluff, Mount Gobble, Puddle Peak, Snotty Mound and Cosmic Hummock

√ Five Bully Beasts to beat

√ Original music and funny sound effects


The game starts with an interactive story telling with cute clay animation. Are you intrigued of what’s the story behind this Clay Jam? Let the brief story telling begin. There was once a land called Clay Jam. It is a beautiful and colorful place full of happy monsters. It is indeed peaceful not until one day, the Bully Beasts came. For a thousand years, the land was left with all those ruins. Suddenly, a stranger appears. He said, ‘This world needs saving, my friend. You must bring clay and together, let’s rebuild the hills. Bring the monsters back and defeat the bullies! Let’s save Clay Jam!’

Along with this interactive and engaging cute app, there are five hills that you need to surpass for you to be able to beat those fearsome Bully Beasts namely: Beardy’s Bluff, Mount Gobble, Puddle Peak, Snotty Mound and Cosmic Hummock. The main objective of this game is to squash over those rascals or other clay monsters which in return will transform you into a huge clay ball. Instead of avoiding those clay monsters from the field, they would actually stick on you turning you into one huge rolling ball of clay. After which, at the end of the road, the Bully Beast, who threatens to destroy the land, is waiting for you. You need to fling the clay ball to shoot the Bully Beast as far as possible. The distance of the thrown Bully Beast is the measurement of your success: the farther, the more power-ups you gain.

On the other hand, the amount of clay collected are then converted into coins which you can use to purchase clay monsters, power-ups or hill upgrades. The trick is, the more clay monsters you squish, the more chances the pebble can grown and can squash bigger monsters. Another hint is, you can only squish clay monsters that are smaller than you.

Imagine a war between two groups. Well, in this game, clay is your weapon. The future of the Clay Jam now lies within you. Try to save the world by collecting as many clay monsters as you can and flick that Bully Beast the farthest possible way you can. Sounds fun, right?


I warn you, this is not your ordinary runner game. You need not to tilt and tap in order for you to maneuver your character towards your goal. In this game, all you need to do is to gouge towards those clay monsters to collect the amount of clay that you need and flick the clay pebble towards the Bully Beast. Just two basic controls of gouge and flick, and you’re good to go!

Kirsten Loves

I’m simply fascinated with the idea of this game. I know a lot of kids love to play with clay, yet it is very difficult and messy to make one. Good thing, this simple and addictive game is even better since this app is . It’s really amazing to know that these beautiful and excellent graphics are all made from real clay. Who could have ever think of that idea? Hands down to the developers, I must say. The stop-motion effect even made this game more entertaining because it gave life to these clay monsters that eventually children, even adults, will definitely love.

I believe that this app is a breath of fresh air and something new to take a break from all the runner games that we have usually played. Now, we can be addicted to a runner game that is way too unique than the rest. The intuitive, easy to use and simple controls made this app deserving for a five star rating! Not to mention, the funny sound effects and the original background music completes the whole quirky, fun and adorable vibe of this incredible app!

Will you help me save the Clay Jam?

Back when I was still a kid, I was really frustrated when it comes to clay making. For some strange reasons, I wasn’t blessed with that art talent. It will really take you hours just to perfectly mold the character that you wanted. At some point, I also had a character inspiration yet I didn’t succeed on molding it into a clay. In any angle, the look isn’t the same as the original one. Plus, the messy and icky feeling of the clay on your hands adds to the hassle of the already hassle process of clay making, right?

Good thing, my love for clay hasn’t faded yet! This app even made me more thrilled because now, I can play and enjoy with clay virtually! In a more unique gameplay, this quirky app will surely bring  fun instead of dull moments especially when I just have to kill time when I’m in the car. As a competitive person, this app suits me well. I enjoy playing games where I need to act like a heroine by conquering challenges and quests for me to save the world.

If you’re still not convinced if this app is worthy of your time, then this video is a must-watch as much as the app is a must-try! Watch the video below and gouge your way in squishing those cute little clay monsters! Defeat those Bully Beasts, rebuild the hills and save the world of Clay Jam!

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Let’s Save the Clay Jam!
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