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Logo Quiz_Pop Singer is a quiz game application designed specifically for pop music fanatics around the world.

I was looking for a casual app that will somehow kill my rooting boredom when a friend suggested to me another logo quiz application. I don’t actually intend to review this application simply because logo quizzes are now a trend and a lot of people are going crazy answering this type of application but this can’t be helped-seriously. There are number of logo quiz applications for brands, movies, characters, and people popping out today in which the famous Icon Pop Quiz that was reviewed by Maeve Audrey belongs.  The picture snatched my fidgety attention pushing me to instantly download the app.

Can you recognize these faces? They look familiar right? You might be questioning yourself by now after seeing the picture. Are they strangers you have met somewhere and bumped on a subway? Or, one of them could be your neighbor, classmate, and friend. Well, who knows? Before you stress yourself thinking of the true identity of this people take a closer look and carefully scan each faces first. Obviously, these faces are in fact well-known to most of us because they are the oh so “pop-ular” global singers of all times that we ardently watch and listen to.

Who among reading this android app review does not know the phenomenal songs of Celine Dion and Whitney Houston? People always love Whitney’s “I Will Always Love You” in the film The Bodyguard while their hearts goes on with Celine’s song “My Heart Will Go On” for the movie Titanic. They are only two of the hundreds of artists that you have to guess as you play by Logo Quiz.

Don’t wait for paparazzi to spoil your day, get your android device before the genie in a bottle comes out. Come on let us all break the ice!   

Logo Quiz_Pop Singer is a quiz game application designed specifically for pop music fanatics around the world. The game is all about guessing the correct name of a particular pop artist through the picture shown on screen. All you have to do is to select the exact name of the singer among the four given answers by simply tapping it.

You have to go through eight (8) levels with more than four hundred eighty (480) singers to recognize. Each level contains a specific point that increases once you unlock the succeeding stage. This game quite challenging and it does test your knowledge for several pop singers then and now.

If you really think that you are a logo quiz_pop singer master or you are just plain curious about this app, better grab your android devices and check what score will you get with this partly addictive game. How lucky are you? I want you to give me a louder response.

I Found Love In This App!

Downloading logo quiz_pop singer is not a contrite thing for me even though the app is way too simple. Technically speaking, it is nothing extraordinary and some of the photos used have really low resolution. In today’s innovative world full of rapid changes, you will expect a better outcome of applications. But then again, the poor quality of pictures shows how the developer make use of technology.

However, I admire them for all the efforts in creating such app. It gave me satisfaction being a fan of these outstanding artists. Given that Google is just a click away, I was tempted to cheat since I am not that familiar with some of the singers. Despite the guilt I am feeling when I used the internet to search for the other answers, the app gave me additional worthy information that I never expect of knowing. The app actually urged me to do a self-research with some of the names I only encountered in the game.  Logo Quiz_Pop Singer is a yo-yo application that will give you disturbia and makes you hit it one more time. Don’t let yourself fail the quiz. Download the app now!

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Logo Quiz_Pop Singer: Who’s That Pop Artist?
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