Love Test! Summer Edition: In-depth Relationship Assessment

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On January 31, 2013
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Need some love tips in line with the love month? Love Test! Summer Edition is here for you!

Are you ready to catch some love bugs? Tomorrow, as the month of love officially begins, don’t get too surprised as smittened people act all googly-eyed and cheesy. Flowers, hearts, chocolates, and declaration of supposedly undying love will again fill the air. If you’re in a relationship now, I’m sure you’re stoked as to find out what your partner had prepared for you on Valentine’s Day. And to get you more umped up, take a look at this application that can measure how much you and your partner know each other plus some quirky features that can heat up your love life! 

If you’re planning on spending Valentine’s Day at the beach or somewhere fun and exciting, then Love Test! Summer Edition might be your ultimate guide on making Cupid take your side this year. Read more of this Android app review after the cut.

Knowledge about each other and the ability to compromise are some of the things that are essential to a relationship—well, other than love, that is. With Love Test! Summer Edition, you can assess yourself and your partner if both of you have the same intensity of expectations and love for each other. It has an individual quiz and one that involves the both of you, answering questions about the other person. With this, you can have an idea on what’s the true nature of your romantic relationship.

Love Test! Summer Edition includes four features that can either examine your love connection or give you tips on how to spice up your love life by means of modest ways and even get to know more people by adhering to the dares. So, here are the main features of the app:


Users can select from two choices of tests, either the original love test or the one wherein you’ll know if the signs he’s giving is pointing to the direction away from you. In the original love test, there are three sets of exams, each having 20 questions. They are about happiness/surprises, respect/trust/fights, and attention/time spent respectively. After answering all those, the app will then analyze your relationship status based on your responses and it can give you an advice as well!

The same thing goes for the other test about he/she potentially leaving you. But it only has 10 questions.


Now, this is what makes the app stand out. In this section, the love birds will be tested at the same time with yes or no questions about the other person. But obviously, if one of them will be answering “yes” they should support it by giving the exact answer. For example, you said that you know how your partner likes their coffee, then justify it.

Summer Dares

The heat of the sun and the sense of liberty while you’re in the beach can give you that Superman-syndrome wherein you think that you can do just about anything. But instead of making yourself look ridiculous with the other beach-goers, why not make your sweetheart swoon by doing the things under the Summer Dares category of this app! Trust me, they’ll be head over heels in love and proud of you after doing the stints.

To all the single souls, fret not, there are dares made for your searching hearts as well. Just like this one:

Tender Words

What’s the use of an app that centers on your hearts without a couple of sweet quotes and general tips?

In this tab, there are three categories wherein users can pick whether they want a quote relevant to Valentines Day, or if they just want some good ‘ol sugary words, or even “golden rules” about maintaining a relationship.

End Note

With its cute interface and easy navigation, Love Test! Summer Edition is surely an app that can entertain you and your partner for hours! For a free application, this app is definitely worth the download. Who knows? You may even save your shaking relationship with the love advice and the summer dares!

Download the app now in the and get yourself some whole lot of lovin’.

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