Save the Felines with Meowch!

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Nah-Meen Studios LLC

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On October 9, 2012
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Help stray felines evade animal control, crazy cat ladies with Meowch!

To many people, they find cats more adorable than dogs. Just like dogs, they are considered as people’s faithful companion or best bud. Come to think of it, it’s really hard to resist their playful antics, agree? Even way back then, ancient Egyptians loved them– they worshiped and held them in the highest esteem.

Now, if you can’t get enough of your  purring pal, their almond-shaped eyes, their colorful furs, their small noses and paws, then better try this app that will surely entertain you just as much as the felines.

Start clawing your mobile or tablet screens (oops!)  after the break.


Meowch! by Nah-Meen Studios LLC is a casual adventure game where you have to control the three runaway cats and maneuver them to freedom.  This app comprises of 36 levels and 3 stages of  funny CATastrophes, if you fail to avoid the many hazardous obstacles throughout the game.

Game Of The Flying Kittens

The objective of the game is to guide your missing cat to the exit as quickly as possible, while collecting all the glowing “Missing Cat” posters on the way. If you successfully grabbed all of those posters, then you’ll earn 3 stars. However, as you go through each level, you’ll encounter tons of obstacles. Beware of the persistent cat lady in windows with lights on; she will snatch you up if you spend too much time on her window ledge. To evade the grip of the old woman, you must navigate the crazy objects your cat can use to finish each stage. There are bouncy satellite dishes and awnings which cats can use to jump on higher, plants to climb on, as well as ledges to land on. However, you must still be vigilant, there are power lines in the game that must be avoided or else, your cat will get electrified. Once you hit the ground or fall too far, it will result to “meowch!” then animal control’s going to get you, meaning you have to restart that particular stage.

One unique feature to this app is that typical levels provide you more than one screen, so in order to find your way, you must pinch it in and out. You’ll start off at a Brownstone-style house and eventually find your endearing pet on skyscraper ledges, as the levels get more challenging in the long run.

And oh, you can play casually or compete against the clock and your peers on OpenFeint.

All The Fun and Mischief

What’s fun about this app is its great replay value and distinct graphics. It has interactive menus and environments that will certainly keep you tapping. In addition to that, I just love the humor it implied which I think are often overlooked on other apps. Given that, I would like to indulge more on this app so I hope they can provide  more levels in their next update.

Pouncing Into Your Attention

Much like cats that amply reward you with loyalty and love whenever you take good care of them, Meowch! will surely get you charmed. It’s excellent! And not to mention, I felt a bit nostalgic playing this app as it reminds me of the Tom and Jerry game I used to play before in Gameboy.

This app offers a free version () which constantly prods the user to upgrade to the paid version ($1.99). Yet, I think it’s well-worth its price for it’s genuinely fun to play with.  Go grab it on the or!

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