My Diamonds and Lost Osmo Come in Peace

When I hear the word “aliens”, there are two movies that automatically pops in my head: E.T. and Men in Black. They are one of the celebrated movies that have alien luminaries. Let us not forget the ferocious Alien vs. Predator, but that’s not my thing so let’s just skip that movie. I like aliens that have a friendly whack to humans. Let’s face it, seeing an alien in real life will scare us to death. However, Men in Black and E.T. made it so casual that it made me believe that if I see them in person will be tad ordinary– if they’re friendly and not attempt to shoot me with their laser guns just like what they show in movies.

In the world of apps, games with alien castings are also rampant. Ironically, they’re adorable and they need the help of humans to survive the challenge. If you’re willing to help these extraterrestrials, check out My Diamonds and Lost Osmo: Adventures.

If you are into survival games, then Lost Osmo: Adventures is a game that you will love. The story revolves on Osmo and his pursuance to get back home. Osmo landed in a distant planet, and in order to return home he will need to survive 30 different levels. Every level has a 1 minute challenge that he needs to win with minimal damage possible.

Don’t mock this cute little alien; he is capable of doing a lot of extraordinary things. He can jump, run swiftly, and even swim for a short amount of time. All you have to do is tap the screen to keep him afloat.

The controls are easy;  just have to tilt your device to the direction you want. If you want Osmo to jump, you have tilt the device to the direction while tapping. Tilting the device farther will allow Osmo have a longer jump.

Obstacles and Creatures

Osmo will meet different creatures from the distant planet, and encounter some deviating obstacles. The flying aliens will dive at Osmo, and he needs to avoid them in order to keep his health up. These aliens have different looks, but all of them have one thing in mind– to exterminate Osmo from their planet.

Aside from avoiding the aliens, Osmo will need to bypass the spikes and keep himself afloat in the water. Things get extremely challenging as you step up to another level. Each level is scored by stars, and the stars represent the health meter you earned.


Help Osmo?

Yes! This cute little creature is worth giving a shot. I love adventure games, and this one is one of the apps that is too hard to resist. With the adorable graphics and music adorning this game, I thought this game is easy. Boy, I was wrong. So wrong that I felt the crux starting from level 3– I still have a long way to go.

I love how they made this game kid-friendly by not adding some gruesome scenes undeterred by the spikes in the obstacles. Over all I’ll give this game a rating of 4 out of 5 stars–for the endless fun in every level, and for considering the limitations of children when it comes to games like this.

There’s another alien that needs your help. He was not stuck in a distant planet like Osmo, but he needs your help to retrieve his lost diamonds. The diamonds went to the old lady’s house from planet Earth, and he will need to go through different stages of physics puzzle adventure to reacquire the diamonds.

This game is no different from the physics puzzle favorites like Cut The Rope Experiments and Where’s My Water. You need to resolve each stage in order to move on to the next level. These levels gets steep along the way so watch out for the big changes that will blow your mind.

The scoring system of this app is based on 4 stars unlike the common rating of 3 stars. These stars represent the speed and accuracy of the user in the level, plus if you have collected all the diamonds from the house.

When it comes to graphics and music, I find it effortlessly cute. You might think that you have seen the same things in other apps with just another protagonist. Still, I think they made a pretty decent graphics for My Diamonds. Have I mentioned that the little alien is cute? Oh, yes! Sorry, he is just so adorable. Can you make a toy out of that cuddly creature?

What makes this app stand out among other physics puzzle games is the trial part in the beginning of every stage. Once you move the items in the location that you want, you will see a ghost diamond flowing out of the faucet. Hence, you will get a chance to see if they will move towards the direction of the alien. You can also move the objects even the diamonds are flowing out of the faucet. In other stages, this is a requirement, some are just used for shortcuts to move on to the next challenge. Given that helpful features, you’ll still have a difficult time in some stages. Patience is tested in the utmost level with this type of game. If you admit to yourself that you are not that patient, I suggest you look for another game that you can play. But if you’re still persistent, don’t blame the developers if there will come a time when you will just throw your device impulsively. Guys, they’re just doing their jobs.

My Diamonds consists of 3 different worlds: garden, garage, and kitchen. Each of them has 20 stages that you have to complete in order for you to move on to the next world. If you really can’t finish the stages, you may have an in-app purchase for the amount of $0.99.

Help get the diamonds?

If you really have this addiction in physics puzzle games then you should download My  Diamonds. I think My Diamonds have a perfect balance of challenge and tranquility with the help of the trial parts of the stages. It’s mind-blowing because it makes you think and at the same time difficult– if patience is happens to be your weak point.

Extraterrestrial app invasion!

Who would think that aliens can be adorable and be this penurious to earthlings. It’s quite strange that these apps makes aliens so vulnerable despite the common disclosure that they come to vanquish our planet.

and are technically simple apps but it is worth a shot since they can be downloaded for free. If you would let me choose which app I prefer the most, I will choose Lost Osmo: Adventures. Wait, I changed my mind and go for My Diamonds. Fine, I’ll go with both apps since both of them are fun games that are suitable for a kill-time adventure– each has something good to offer to its users. My Diamonds and Lost Osmo: Adventures has definitely invaded our devices and we’re sure that they already won once the user start playing the game.


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My Diamonds and Lost Osmo Come in Peace
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