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On September 19, 2012
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A free mobile app where you can find, follow and communicate with bloggers all over the world.

Blogging has been the recent fad among youngsters with a variety of interests. May it be about fashion, food, travel, photography, cosmetics and even personal blogs, definitely we all have something to talk about every now and then.

It used to be just an ordinary platform where people can have their own virtual diary as they share a piece of their lives and express how they feel at a certain moment. Little did we know, this unbelievable trendy world has eventually evolved into a blogosphere. Sounds creepy, maybe?

Most of the people think that blogging is just a piece of cake. Well, it isn’t. If you assume that blogging is all about sponsors, freebies, features and VIP pass, you better think again. Blogging takes a lot of passion, dedication and motivation for writing. Of course, millions of people who use the internet can access your blogs from any part of the world. That’s how viral it is! So you must have a keen sense when it comes to your writing skills. Agree?

Now, blogging isn’t complete not without advertisements. Are we on the same page? If yes, then this app review will let you travel through space into the world of blogosphere with NuffnangX!

Free for and devices

Some of you might not be familiar with the world of blog advertising. Have you ever heard of Nuffnang? Let me share a bit of information about their mission in the blogosphere.

Nuffnang is Asia Pacific’s first and leading blog advertising community. Basically, it caters to several Asian countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, China, Thailand, Philippines, Australia and Hong Kong. Nuffnang just completes your whole blogging experience. When you sign up as a Nuffnang member, you get to enjoy the perks and benefits of being a blogger – which is all about getting interactive through their advertisement skills.

How Nuffnang Works

√ Meet fellow bloggers

√ Find out more about your readers

√ Get opportunities to review products and services

√ Earn money from ads

√ Get access to exclusive events just for bloggers

√ Win cool prizes from community contests

Before anything else, aren’t you curious of about the meaning behind their name, Nuffnang? Well, I am! According to them, Nuffnang is a Jafaikan word which translates to “Real good or real cool.” Just a trivia! Jafaikan is a kind of slang used in conversations by hip foreigners on the streets of London. Now that’s nuffnang, ain’t it?

Ergo, let’s get back to business. Last September 18, 2012, Nuffnang has recently launched and unveiled their mobile app for iOS and Android devices called NuffnangX. It’s a free app where bloggers and readers can find, follow and communicate with blogs all over the world. Taken from their tagline, NuffnangX is a social blog stalking. Does it sound creepy to you? Well, it shouldn’t.

Yes, when I hear the word stalker, my imagination takes me to a dark place with an unknown person observing every move I make and following everywhere I go. However, in NuffnangX, stalking could be on the brighter side of things.


1. Follow

NuffnangX digests blog posts from around the globe and simplifies them for you to read your favorite blogs through their patent-pending technology.

2. Discover

Whatever your interests may be, you can discover new reads through hand-picked blogs which suits your reading preferences.

3. Enhance

You can enhance your relationship with your favorite bloggers and readers all over the world through conversations.

As I’ve said a while ago. NuffnangX is a social blog stalking wherein you can find, follow and communicate with bloggers all over the world, right?

Searching, browsing and finding your favorite bloggers and your soon-to-be-favorite-bloggers is made easier when you have your NuffnangX. Search and follow the blogs that you already know and NuffnangX recommends a list of  bloggers which you can visit everyday. Hand picked by the editors, you can discover new trends and interesting pieces daily. Your blogging journey would be more fun and interactive with these three modes of blog discovery!

Following a new bunch of bloggers is easily done with NuffnangX’s patent-pending technology. With this innovation, wordy blog posts are broken down into one engaging line which allows you to decide if the post has piqued your curiosity or not. It is organized as a chronological flow of blog posts keeping you updated on every post and allows you to follow more and more blogs than you’ve ever imagined.

Communication between a blogger and a reader is a very important factor. Most of the time, it makes the blogger feel more appreciated when a reader writes a short yet sweet comment about his/her recent blog post. This time, a blogger – reader relationship can be put to a next level with NuffnangX’s conversations. Comments and replies made by a blogger or a reader will be turned into a conversation instantly. In this way, your conversations will be stored forever. So if you are dying to have that precious talk with your favorite blogger, this feature will make you cherish that lifelong dream.

Kirsten Loves

The simplicity of the whole look of the app adds to the easy blogging experience which blog enthusiasts are looking for. The idea of the app is unbelievably cool especially to the readers and the avid fans of some famous and soon-to-be-famous bloggers. Keeping you updated and having an intimate conversation with your beloved blogger can now happen just with your Smartphones. My heart melts with the simply amazing idea that now, the blogging experience would be complete like never before.

Kirsten: The Blog Stalker

I am a blogger who tries my best to post at least once a week due to my hectic schedule at work. Basically, I write about my fashion style where I post my OOTD or Outfit Of The Day. At times, I share a bit about my personal experience especially when I go to an event or when I eat out with my friends. Blogging is all about sharing and writing down to express how you certainly feel at either a high or low moment. But be sure not to step on someone’s reputation and instead, be an angel blogger who inspires and serves as a good example to your readers, followers and avid fans.

Aside from being a blogger, I also consider myself as a blog reader. I have my list of bloggers who inspires me when it comes to fashion and beauty. For me, it is a must to visit and read their blog posts daily. In this way, I can get a dose of fashion and beauty inspiration in which I can apply to my daily routine, at times. You may call it blog stalking as to what Nuffnang says. Hence, I do agree that it is at some point a form of stalking yet in a good way. Bloggers even appreciate it when their readers and followers do visit, like and read their blog posts daily. So, creating a mobile app for finding, following and even communicating with your most-loved and most-followed blogger is a great idea to create camaraderie between bloggers and readers.

NuffnangX makes blogging especially for readers a more interactive and fun platform to somehow reach the so-called “elite bloggers” worldwide.

Revamp and polish on your blog stalking skills and download NuffnangX on and for free!

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