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On March 20, 2013
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Got the logic of Einstein? Then test it out by finishing this app!

There are applications that can get the best out of its players—may that be negative or positive. As there are mundane ones that only requires a terrific hand-eye coordination, there are those that can really push our wits to the edge. Mind games, for one. Sometimes, it’s not enough that we get the hang of it. Because the more we think that it’s becoming easy, the harder it is to accept that there are puzzles we just can’t solve. Or maybe that’s just me…

In addition to these sort of puzzles is the application created by davidjburgos. Initially, it’s frustrating and confusing but in the long run, it’s quite addictive! Get to know more about this logic game after the cut.

It’s a game with a very basic rule but behooves a quality sense of logic and problem-solving. With a user-interface far from mediocre, Numbers is an application that won’t get you bored. Well, the way it’s going to make you think already is a feature to sought for.

As davidjburgos’ brainchild, is an application that’s well thought-of. So well at that that it’s really hard to get past the difficult levels. The goal is to deduce a way on how to turn a grid to zero. Meaning, there should not be a digit higher. By tapping on one tab, the other tabs surrounding it (up, down, left, and right) will be affected. With each tap of a number, its value will be reduced by one. But if it’s a zero, it will shoot right back to 2.

Game Mechanics

There are five levels available in the game with only the basic level initially opened for play while the rest must be unlocked. The levels are as follows: Learning, Basic, Classic, Bonus, and Challenge. As per the developer’s advice, there’s a little surprise once you get to the challenge level. From the sounds of it, I’ll definitely love the idea but as of now, I’ve got a lot more solving in my hands before I reach that.

So okay, in the grid, you’ll find buttons that carries the numbers 0, 1, or 2. The point here is to make all the buttons turn to 0 by tapping on them. One tap on a number will decrease it by 1 but if you tap on a 0, it will turn to 2.

Once you’ve tapped on a digit, the other tabs that’s around it will be affected as well. The upper, lower, right, and left tabs will change. The goal here is to make every tab turn to 0. And take note that you won’t win if you just decide on randomly tapping any button. The game needs your full concentration and thinking skills to finish a level.

As you can see on the picture above, there are four tabs with the number 1 on it. All I did was tap on the one at the center which means that alongside that specific tab, the ones surrounding it was also decreased to 0. Another good thing is that you only need to pass this puzzle to open up the Bonus levels! The first five puzzle under the Learning level are quite easy but as your progress there are more digits and a harder challenge to face.

There are no changes to the rules, the game goes on like this but what makes me hooked is the awareness that each puzzle can be solved and it’s my mission to know how. Oh, good thing it’s not timed but it will count how many moves did it take you before winning a puzzle over.

End Note

Numbers has this cool user-interface which is very easy to navigate. The free version has ads, just so you know. But if you don’t want any of those, you can download the found in the Play Store as well.

For a logic game, Numbers will either take you to a challenging mental game that’s hard to put down or it will have you scratching your head. It’s a download-worthy app for puzzle-mongers and even those who just want to have something to solve. The game is far from being “too easy” and “too complex”. It comes with a right mix of difficulty. Even though it doesn’t have a musical scoring to shoot those adrenaline juices up, the app still appeals to me.

You can have Numbers on your Android phones for , go check it out now and test if you can unlock the “surprise”. *wink*

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