Numbers Galore With “Math Tricks” and “Math Formulary” For Android

There is just no escaping math, ain’t it? Every where you go, every twist, and every turn, there are numbers. It’s an age-old fact. But as numbers are there for millions and millions of years, it’s also a given fact that a huge percentage of the human race would want nothing to do with math—or the hard ones at least. Mathematics is a piece of cake if you’re pertaining to the four basic operations but come the extreme-looking ones (say hello to algebra, geometry, and trigonometry!) we hide behind our eyelashes with our tails tucked between our legs. And have you heard about the Euclidean Plane? Gosh! Math has some serious people-pushing issues! When math becomes a person, he’ll surely be a Sheldon Cooper.

Think that mobile applications are full of games? Well, think again. Applications catering to number-problem-solving individuals are sprouting in the app market, people! Math has no intention to hide and leave everything untouched! Even Applatter has been previously kissed by it! I have always treated math as an eye-sore but I’ve come to accept that dealing with it is the best form of coping rather than taking flight whenever it’s in front of me.

So, get your mathematical gears ready for two math applications compatible with your Android devices! No more stalling and pencil tapping because will surely make your number aversion disappear!

Let’s start with Math Tricks first because of it’s simplicity. As what its name suggests, the app has tricks pertaining to playing with numbers. Since numbers are objective and precise, it’s hard to experiment with it without having the risk of getting the wrong answer. Unlike with words where you can jumble ‘em and use hifaluting ones to make people awe, numbers require a common understanding.

Created by AND APPS, this application only requires a user’s fast comprehension and memorization prowess. From the simple multiplication tricks to the almost “magical” ones which has all the “pick-a-number-and-I’d-guess-what-it-is” drama, the app has it!

List of Tricks

Here are the main categories of the app which has another set of sub-categories of specific tricks.

  • Multiplication Tricks
  • Division Tricks
  • Number Tricks
  • Square Tricks
  • Remainder Tricks
  • Day Of The Date Trick

Math Tricks has no advertisements, so that’s a plus (pun not intended). I have tried a couple of tricks and it really does work! I’m even pleased with myself for doing it correctly. Needless to say, manipulating numbers is not as hard; the key is to know what to do exactly.

But here’s the bummer: there are tricks which you won’t be allowed to view because it’s only available if you download the premium version of the app. There are grammar lapses as well. I assumed that it’s just a minor typo but every explanation has an incorrect phrase or two, so I’m hoping that the developers will do something about it soon.

If you want a couple of simple tricks, then download the but if you want more of the mind-blowing number magic, then go for the paid one, .

While some of the previous app’s features are simple math solutions, it’s time to take on the serious side of Math with the use of the next app.

If you’re searching for a more in-depth mathematical help, then this app is the perfect tool for you. From the basic ones to the formulas used in university, Math Formulary has it and you’ll be more than grateful for its visual instructions—depends on the formula. Solving math assignments can be a chore and a bore especially if you can’t understand the formula needed to answer it. Add the fact that all the words and numbers on your textbook looks like it’s been murdered by a blender. I’ve been there and I don’t have plans on going back.

Kidding aside, it’s frustrating to skim through a huge textbook just so to understand a formula so here’s where Math Formulary comes in to save your dizzy souls!

Created by anjokes, Math Formulary is basically your handy list of different mathematical equations. It includes:

  • Basic Arithmetic
  • Algebra
  • Analysis
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Analytical Geometry
  • Logic

Expect no whatnots on the app because it’s so simple it feels like you’re just reading through a pdf file—which I appreciated. There are no distracting designs, and it is clear as a lake after a storm. Seriously, where was Math Formulary when I was still in college? It could have made my academic life a lot easier!

Get the and maybe you’d be the next Einstein with its help. *wink*

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Numbers Galore With “Math Tricks” and “Math Formulary” For Android
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