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On November 16, 2012
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A different sort of game tapping brought to you by Jarbull, Granniac will have you fight giant flies and clocks!

Endless runner games arrive at the app market by the loads but only some of them are good enough to deserve a spot on your smart devices. If you’re tired of the usuals (ehem Temple Run!) and want some contemporary action when it comes to your apps, then let me give you one great suggestion: by Jarbull. Say hello to an all new kind of game controls which is sorta easy but hard to master. Don’t worry, there are no tilting involved, just tapping. Which is very confusing, believe me.

‘Tis another spotlight of yet another jumpy grandmother who is out to let the world see her off the hook awesome-ness—even though she probably won’t be remember it right after. Kidding aside, is a game not for the hot heads! Read on to get to know our main character for today, Granny Neuronac, and her moronic quest to fight off the flying clocks!

Do you remember my review about the Jumping Granny and Maeve Audrey’s take on the pro-skater Granny Smith? If not, you should check them out first so you can get a good whiff of what might Granniac has in store. From the two exciting and lively applications that I’ve mentioned, comes the most difficult yet. In the form of a senile granny, your wits and reflex can be twisted and turned like a pretzel.

Granniac: The Story Behind Our Granny

This little snappy game, I must say, was well though-of by the developers. It has a nice long premise to it which is very essential for the game players and the full game experience as well. For me, having no idea whatsoever why in the world am I tapping away on an application gives me continuous mini panic attacks. It’s like going to war without knowing what you’re fighting for. So it’s a great thing that Jarbull has included quite a lengthy story line for Granniac. Not only it makes you understand what’s happening, it can also give you an ounce of motivation to help granny in her psychological madness.

So let me be your story teller for today as I share the story of what Granny Neuronac and her unfortunate ending.

Senility has no known cure. A silent plague that targets the old and experienced. It is an illness so heartbreaking that no one in the world would want to acquire. Seeing the desolate situations of those who’s been touched by the unfair condition, a group of hopeful scientists decided to find what might erase senility in our lives. They worked night and day, sacrificing their own health in the process, just to come up with the possible solution to the age-old problem. Finally, they have conjured up an experiment so promising. But in order to make sure of its effectiveness, they need to test it. Everything was looking swell and they all had their hopes up.

And now, here enters Granny Neuronac, a senile lady who already had her time and was living in a retirement facility called Don Barko. Giving her full trust to the scientist, she volunteered on their experiment. It’s obvious that Granny Neuronac was hopeful as well. After the hassle-free experiment, the scientist were waiting for Granny Neuronac to wake up in order to celebrate. But fate decided to take a joke on them, Granny Neuronac wasn’t cured, she got even worse!

The moment she woke up, she started to jump around and claim that she’s a superhero out to get all the evil flying clocks and the pesky abnormal-looking flies. The scientist were heartbroken when they saw that Granny Neuronac’s condition worsen. Now, all they can do is go with the flow and let Granny be… Weird and definitely jumpy.

A Sort Of Different Game Play

So okay, maybe I might be exaggerating a bit. Playing Granniac was basically just watching a grandma jump over multitudes of her enemies. But the controls, it’s really quite hard to get accustomed to. First of all, we’ve all been playing games wherein we tap to make the character jump right? But this tap, you tap to make it stay still and then you release to make it jump. The sudden change in the “order of things” is very difficult. It’s like you’re required to drive on the left side of the road.

There are only two things you have to do in order to finish a level, never let Granny Neuronac fall out of her enemies. Here’s what you have to do, tap on Granny when you see an enemy nearby, your initial tap will then launch a hook, a pair of dentures, or somethin’ somethin’ out of Granny in order for her to catch the enemy and use it for flight but remember not to release your finger on the screen! The moment you take your finger away, Granny will jump away and you’ll have to catch another enemy in sight.

While riding a clock or a fly, it will take Granny for a few distance but the additional weight will pull them both down. So when you feel like it’s already too low, then that’s your cue to make Granny jump up and get another enemy to use. Among the clocks and flies on the screen are the blue crystal balls that Granny can use as an air vehicle as well and it will add some points after you’ve used it.

Be wary that the launcher of Granny is not long enough to catch enemies that’s too far from her. Make sure that when you make her jump, there are many enemies in sight. I’ve experience making her jump pre-maturely while there were not much clocks around. Ending: the medical staff caught up with Granny and she will be locked in the mental ward again.

To keep your play exciting and unpredictable, there are bonus games which pops out of nowhere along the way. So ready yourself, don’t just tap away, read the instructions first. This is a great feature of the app because it stirs awake the monotonous flow of the game. But the additional challenges will definitely shake your comprehension of the tap and release controls of the main game. Genius, if I may say.

Harrie the Clock Chaser

Although the app holds so much challenge and difficulty, there are some elements that are just not in it for me. The graphics have this messy effect which I don’t have anything against but it feels out of place. It could have been better if the visuals were polished. I think I’m a stereotyping here a bit because for my eyes, this type of graphics should be reserved for war-like kind of apps or something.

Also, I was a bit irritated with the zooming in and out view of the app while you’re playing. Personally, I prefer it to stay zoomed out so I can see all the enemies ahead but no, the app suddenly decides to zoom in on Granny which is the main reason why I always end up releasing her ahead of time.

Nonetheless, the app is a great game to pass a couple of minutes or even and hour. But don’t go ballistic when you can’t get the hang of the controls! is available for Android devices only and it is so download it now if dare challenge yourself.

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