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Challenge your mind and stimulate your creativity with Drawdle.

Back in the days, you may find yourself doodling in your notebook when you just can’t get away with your boredom in class. We can’t deny the fact that artists and artist-at-heart are fond of those cute illustrations that they make with their favorite jumbo pencil or colorful 24-set of crayons. That’s how kids were, right? For boys, they would draw their favorite Anime or cartoon character such as Power Rangers, Ghost Fighter and Naruto. Although for the girls, their happiness comes from their own illustration of dresses, shoes, hairstyles and more girly stuffs. Agree?

While drawing could be fun for most kids and young-at-heart, studying Physics and getting a grade of A is the hardest thing to achieve. (Well, that applies to me.) Hence, if you just love this subject and you’re ‘The Little Einstein’ in your class, then this app review will test both your creativity and physics skills. I’ll be your ‘Little Ms. Kirsten’ and our lesson for today is Drawdle!

$0.99 for

Applatter has also presented an app called, Amazing Alex, a ‘Physics Genius’ who is fond of solving physics puzzle games. This time, the work has been passed on to you. You need to solve the physics puzzle games around his house with his toys to get the job done right on time. However, if you’re up for more brain squeezing physics challenges with a drawing twist, Drawdle is highly recommended!

Drawdle ($0.99) is a drawing-based game, developed by One Side Software, dedicated for those Physics wizards and doodlers. If you’re fond of drawing, scribbling and doodling, then this app will definitely suit your creative skills. The basic idea of this game is to solve the physics puzzles simply by drawing. Sounds easy, maybe? This game is not just your ordinary no-brainer game since you really have to think and strategize your move before you draw your solution and color your target object.

Lesson # 1: Features

√ Unleash your creative problem-solving skills in 60 levels

√ Challenge your brain with Drawdle’s unique drawing-based gameplay

√ Earn stars and other items

√ Discover hidden levels

√ Enjoy HD graphics on tablet devices

√ Ad-free

Lesson # 2: Gameplay

Drawdle’s main objective is simple. There are series of physics puzzles wherein the animals, fruits and other objects have lost their colors, which made them look dull and boring. Your task is to give them back their true color by directing the colored balloons towards their path. The colored balloons serve as the painter who holds the colors inside them. Once they pop, your target objects will have their colors back.

Along with the balloons, your task is to doodle geometrical shapes in the box which will be your weapon as you target the colorless object and guide the trajectory of the balloon. The trick is: You can draw any shape you want as long as you achieve your goal which is to bring back the color of the object. However, you will be faced with numerous barriers such as spikes, rubber band and sharp objects. So choosing the right shape is a must! Looks tricky, huh?

Basically, a level is made up of one or two rectangular sketch pads where you can draw your desired shape. Simply draw a shape using your finger and launch it towards the direction of the balloon. You’ll be amazed with one concept from Physics which is ‘chain reaction’ as you draw the shape, the shape hits the balloon and the balloon brings color to the object.

In addition to your own doodles, you can also find more tools in the app such as pre-made figures and objects, flaps, rubber bands and colored balloons. These things will either help or challenge you as you solve your way to give the object their much-needed color.

As the game begins, your focus should be directing the balloon filled with paint to the object and get the highest possible point which is three stars.

Thrilled? Here are a few tips that you should remember which will hopefully, help you succeed and get those three stars at the end of every level.

First, you have to keep in mind that sharp shapes can pierce the balloons. So, be very careful with your doodles so as not to pop the balloon at an unexpected time. Second, shapes must also be drawn to avoid sharp spikes and other obstacles along your way. Be sure not to draw a huge shape which might bump into those hazardous barriers! Third, all things matter in physics such as proper timing, rotation and even velocity. The bigger the drawing, the more inertia your object can have. To make it simpler, the size of the shape will have a big factor in the movement of the balloon towards the object. Try your best to always make a precise movement  to make the balloons hit the object, get the most color for the object and score high points. That’s a bit of the physics side of this game.

The scoring goes like this: If you barely manage to color the object, you get one star. Half-way colored object gives you two stars and whole colored object awards you a whopping three stars at the end of the level! Although you only need one star to move on to the next level, you should be competitive enough to aim for those three stars! Agree?

Lesson # 3: Controls

The intuitive controls of this game are very simple and easy to understand. Actually, you have the control over the controls. Since this game is all about doodling and drawing, free form is very much entertained. If you changed your mind on the shape that you just drew, you can simply double tap on your doodle to erase it and start drawing another one instantly. In addition, you can double tap on your screen to zoom in and out making it possible for you to visualize the trajectory or the projectile of your shape and the balloon towards the object.

Little Ms. Kirsten Loves

I simply love the design of this app which is notebook-inspired. I would reminisce my fourth grade days with my math notebook which has grid lines on it. I also admire the cool drawings inside which looks like a real drawing from scratch with just a pencil and paper. The whole look of the slick, colorful and cute design gave justice to the idea of drawings and doodles which I am truly amazed! Not to mention, the cozy jazzy background music which completes my experience in drawing and solving physics puzzles as I play this game.

Little Ms. Kirsten: The Drawdler!

Next to math, I am bad at Physics as well. The concepts are difficult to follow or rather they are simply difficult. But this game made me look on the brighter side of things especially when it comes to Physics subject. Since I love to doodle a lot on my notebook way back in fourth grade and earlier, this app caught me playing for hours! If you’re looking for that head-scratching entertainment, I bet you’ll enjoy drawing and doodling as you solve those mind-blowing physics-oriented puzzles!

Still not convinced? Challenge your mind and stimulate your creativity as you watch the video below.  Definitely, $0.99 won’t hurt that much.

Class dismissed! See you again tomorrow for another App Review.

Try the free version, check the game out for yourself and download .

If you want more drawing and physics puzzle games, you may also want to try Scribblenauts and Max & the Magic Marker.

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