PicsArt for Kids: Creating Young Artists!

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On August 10, 2012
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PicsArt for Kids is a combination of three programs namely drawing, coloring, and learning.

Kids adore drawing circles, lines, and anything under the sun. They also love playing with colors and creating their own art pieces. In fact, giving them a blank paper and a set of coloring pencils will somehow give you an idea on what’s running on their mind. You might even be surprised on how funny or wonderful their masterpieces will be.

The photo editing app called PicsArt helps you become a great artist on your own. This time let unleash the hidden talent among your children and younger siblings. Who knows? Maybe your adorable kids will be the next Jolin Tsai and Pablo Picasso.

PicsArt for Kids is an educational application created by PicsArt. It is cited as the best coloring, sketching, and studying app for kids (parents will like it too). Its high quality content and cunning graphics will surely win the heart of its users by a hundred percent. PicsArt for Kids is a combination of three programs: drawing, coloring, and learning.

  • Drawing – it supports up to ten fingers sketching simultaneously.
  • Coloring – it has beautiful images including cartoon dinosaurs, fishes, cars, and princesses and supports multi-touch color filling.
  • Learning – it includes simple instructions and shapes to help you draw animals, people, and things.

Note: If you are having trouble filling the little spaces in the coloring feature, just zoom and focus on those specific areas using your fingertips. This option is very useful if you have a small display screen phone.

PicsArt for Kids is another must-have application. This kid-ucational and free app helps in improving the creative side of the youth. Let your kids explore the beauty of graphic designs and illustrations with this Android app. Don’t think twice, download today! It is specifically designed for Android tablets and smartphones.

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PicsArt for Kids: Creating Young Artists!
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