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On October 9, 2012
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An app to guide our Muslim brothers and sisters on the exact time to have their Salah (daily prayer).

Believing in a supernatural power that is far more greater and larger than life itself is what we call religion. It is a personal connection to the one who handles our everything, our saving breath. Being thankful for our everyday is simple and is nothing compared to what our God has done for us. Through a short and silent meditation or prayer, we can lift up our hearts to say our gratitude with every waking moment that’s been granted to us.

As there are different forms of prayers, so as religions, our Muslim brothers and sisters doesn’t simply bow their heads to venerate Allah because they undergo an everyday ritual called Salah. Let’s learn more about their religious practices as I tell you all about the application specially made for them called Prayer Time Pro.

Islam is solely based on the Qur’an, a compilation of text that is believed to be the unaltered word of Allah (God). Muslims believe that with each turn of generations, religious texts of other sects undergoes change but their Qur’an stays intact and untouched. As the second largest religious sect in the world, Islam is a religion that is rich in history, culture, and practices. Their Five Pillars of Islam which holds their basic concept of worship, here are what Muslims should achieve in their life here on earth:

  • The Shahada (Islamic Creed)
  • Daily Prayers (Salah)
  • Fasting during the time of Ramadan
  • Almsgiving
  • At least one pilgrimage to Mecca

The app I’ve mentioned earlier, Prayer Time Pro, focuses on the Salah. It is basically a guide and a reminder for all Muslims on their everyday prayer. As their religion is very particular on the movements of the moon and sun, there can be no specific time that they can take note of. But with the use of Prayer Time Pro, it only takes a couple of alarm beeps to know that it’s time to meditate and acknowledge the blessings of Allah.

Prayer Time Pro was developed by NextWorldMobile with the aim of aiding Muslims everywhere to know the exact time to perform one of their daily prayers. In a span of a day, the application alarms seven times indicating the hours of prayer. This includes the Fajr, Sunrise, Ishraq, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, and Ishaa. The app utilizes push notification to further remind its user but it can also be silenced just by tapping on the speaker icon as you can see below.

Features To Take Note Of

  • Qibla Compass
  • Accurate calculation methods
  • Hijr and Gregorian Converter
  • Complete list of Islamic Events
  • On-screen mute controls
  • Daylight adjustment and Hijri date adjustment
  • Alarm timing
  • Auto search location
  • Landscape and portrait orientation
  • 2 available widgets with either vertical or horizontal display


Prayer Time Pro is very easy to use as its user interface provides no complexities. Upon the launch of the app, the screen (as seen on the picture above) will be seen and the other options are available on your click of the options button. There are no clutters (advertisements) that’ll pop up so that’s another plus for the application. As what I’ve said, the application has push notifications ergo, you’ll have its icon on the top left most part of your device. It’s quite good considering that we look more into our phones than in the mirror right? So seeing that little green icon with each check of your home screen, you’ll surely remember to talk to Allah.

End Note

This application is indeed helpful because of its great features. Personally, I’m quite awestruck with the Qibla compass! All in all, our Muslim brothers and sisters with an Android device will surely benefit from .

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Prayer Time Pro for Muslims
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