Proactive Sleep Alarm Clock: Wake Up Time!

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On July 19, 2012
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Proactive Sleep Alarm Clock gives it users an entertaining and personalized feel of their usual alarm clock.

Having poor sleeping habits? Worry no more as developed by Mason student might just be the solution to your nightmare!

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helps users learn how to form better sleeping habits by monitoring their daily activities, and revealing possible correlations between your waking hours and your sleep routine. It has five navigation tabs: Alarm, Diary, Settings, Info and Share, each serving a specific and important function, as seen on the photo below.

  • Alarm – Users may choose to wake up naturally, therefore setting no alarm, or they may set the alarm at any time they wish to. The scrolling clock setting in the middle of the screen lets you adjust your wake up time.

  • Diary – The Diary contains information about your unique sleeping habits and provides you with the indicators of your sleep cycle, such as: sleep amount, time of sleep, difficulty falling asleep, and sleep efficiency. Judging by the name itself, you can already figure out that it lets you update your daily journal regarding your sleep. Go ahead and jot down reasons why you did not sleep well and how you slept. Tapping on the green duration bar, holding it down, and sliding it to the left or right will adjust your waking up time.

  • Settings – In this tab, users may adjust their sleep goal, alarm music and turn on/off the Proactive game. Users may set the alarm music to default sounds or they can choose from their favorite playlist from their iPod giving you more reason to wake up with good vibes.

The Proactive game is the most entertaining and unique feature of this app. With easy, medium and hard settings, users can be stimulated by this game as they wake up. All you need to do is to tap the sun to determine if you are truly awake as it measures your morning grogginess.

Overall, this app works well and is very easy to use. The sleep diary and the Proactive game are the best features which give the users an entertaining and personalized feel of their usual alarm clock. Plus, they can even adjust the alarm music depending on their mood. It is also an effective and advanced method to greatly improve sleeping habits.

You can also experience a good night sleep with this app by downloading it on the  for only $0.99. To feel the vibe of this , take a sneak peak on the video below, and see the sweet dreams that this app can bring!

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Proactive Sleep Alarm Clock: Wake Up Time!
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  1. My sleeping habits are a mess… I gotta download this app. Too bad it’s not free


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