Pudding Camera: The Sweet Photo App

Pudding is often referred to as a sweet milk-based dessert similar to egg-based custards or mousses, but it can also be a savoury dish similar to rice or bread pudding.

The camera, on the other hand, is now widely used to capture almost everything we sink our teeth into, including puddings.

If we marry the two, pudding and camera, what do we get? C’mon, join me as we take a taste test of this popular Korean photo app.

Pudding Camera by KTH

Pudding Camera is a free Korean photo app by KTH where you can try out different aesthetically pleasing filters to add character to your photos.

Pudding Camera’s Interface


Pudding Camera’s interface offers seven kinds of cameras and eight kinds of film settings to spice up your snaps. You decide the camera style and filter you want to use by pressing the camera icon on the bottom left corner of the screen and then hitting the camera key on your phone. The app outputs at three resolutions: 472px (small), 700px(medium) and 1280px (large). Photos taken then can be shared on social networking sites such as Twitter or via email.

The camera styles one can choose from are the following:

  • Basic
  • Snap
  • Panorama – allows you to take wider pictures
  • Fantasy – gives a tilt-shift effect
  • Motion 2×2 – a collage style photo
  • Motion x4 – a collage style photo
  • Fish-eye
  • Triplex

Pudding Camera offers an array of camera styles and filters

You can also take photos with the following stunning effects:

  • Basic
  • Vintage Brown
  • Vintage Blue
  • Vignetting
  • Dazzle
  • Mono (Black and White)
  • Noir
  • Vivid

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Pros and Cons

While it lacks some of the extensive features unlike paid alternatives that include zoom and post-editing, Pudding Camera is still a simple and sleek application where you are bound to get great end results. The controls in the interface tend to be sticky at times but are still fully functional. Although it’s not perfect, it might just be what you need for a fun and quirky toy camera app. Indeed, a satisfaction guaranteed app that’s absolutely free and with no adverts at all!


If you’re tired of taking mediocre photos on your mobile, then you might just enjoy the stylish filters this app offers. Pudding Camera is definitely sweet as it sounds and is worth trying.

Download this app on  or . You may also want to try Lens Light.

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Pudding Camera: The Sweet Photo App
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3 comments on “Pudding Camera: The Sweet Photo App

  1. すごいい!!! This app so cute! I will download it now

    • Pudding camera offers 9+ cameras and 9 different film settings for each camera. The app’s lighting adjustment knob will make any user feel like they’re using an actual camera. Does Instagram have any of those? I hear Instagram’s Android version is missing some features that are available in the iOS variant. People are probably better off using an excellent camera app designed for Android devices rather than a user-friendly camera app initially meant exclusively for iOS devices.


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