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Stick the puddings all together and save their friends from the cold-hearted fridge owner!

Most of us love to eat. I mean, who doesn’t want to indulge themselves with those luscious blueberry cheesecake running down your throat with its sweet and sour kick making our taste buds crave for some more? I bet you’re lusting now as your mind wanders to a place loaded with your favorite food. Feels like heaven, isn’t it?

A meal wouldn’t be complete not without your favorite dessert that will wipe away all those aromatic flavors lingering in your mouth, right? For those who have a sweet tooth, having a dessert is a must! They wouldn’t leave the dining table not without a bite of something sweet that will tickle their taste bud!

Today, this Android app review will introduce an app that’s worthy of your sweet cravings! Have you eaten a pudding? I haven’t and if we have the same food deprivation, then why not play with puddings first before having a slice? Let the take you for a one scary and sticky ride! 

Are you ready for a fun and slimy adventure? Brace yourselves and stick the puddings all together after the break.

One cold day inside the refrigerator, the puddings were taken away, one by one, by their cold-hearted fridge owner. Before it’s too late, the puddings have thought of a sticky plan! Well, they don’t like the fact that they are eaten by humans. It’s up to you to help them save their friends! Are you up for some exciting and sticky challenge of a lifetime? It’s time to find out!

From the developers of the massive and the top grossing application dubbed as Cut the Rope, ZeptoLab never failed to give us something new to offer. is a free Android application which allows its users to simply stick the puddings all together and save their friends from their cold-hearted fridge owner. The basic idea of this game is for you to tickle your brains by coming up with the stickiest plan you could ever think of. You need to stick the puddings together but you should get more stars, three stars being the highest. By sticking the monsters all together, you are helping them to become one big and scary monster that will truly frighten their cold-hearted fridge owner! Do you have the guts to get them monsterized? Let’s do the sticking now!

Sticky Features

√ Stick them all together in 3 Worlds: Fridge Escape, Room Invaders and The Neigborhood

√ Enjoy more than 70 fun and challenging levels

√ Create unique monster shapes with their wacky personalities

√ Meet different pudding friends with different powers along the way

√ Avoid those various obstacles on the grid

√ Ad-supported

How to stick ‘em all together?

The game begins with a short clip of how they were one by one taken and eaten by their fridge owner. The little puddings frantically thought of a sticky plan that will somehow scare their fridge owner away, save their friends and not to be eaten anymore. The game then continues with its simple gameplay. A hand gesture will basically show you how to do some tricks every level. There’s no formal tutorial here.

The controls are very easy since all you have to do is swipe your finger from one pudding to the other pudding so that they will stick, literally. (Which is way too adorable!) The game board does have edges or cliff which will let the puddings die if you mistakenly swipe them off the board. (So you should be careful with every swipe you make, or else, the level starts again.) Aside from this, there are more obstacles like the ice which makes you break and not slide all throughout the board and the different types of objects scattered around like the coffee, log, books and other things that will block your way into sticking with your fellow puddings.

Apart from these obstacles, you can meet different kinds of puddings with unique powers along the way just like Slime Monster who leaves a trail of green goo on the floor which helps you stick to the floor and not slide abruptly all throughout the edge.

You will notice that there are stars on the board known as the ‘Walk of Fame.’ These three stars are your goal per level. You need to get the most stars by swiping on the tile with a star. This will help you determine your score at the end of every level. If you missed on getting the stars, you can still proceed to the next level. However, per world, you need to get a certain number of stars for you to unlock the next world and continue swiping and sticking your way. You need to get 40 stars to unlock the Room Invaders World and 100 stars to unlock The Neighborhood World.

The main objective of the game is to create a bigger monster, the better the outcome would be – letting your fridge owner be frightened and run away from eating you!

Kirsten Loves

I was fascinated with the concept of this game which are basically cute and jelly-like puddings. They really look adorable especially when they stick together and you create a bigger monster which varies from each other. You can encounter different kinds of puddings with a unique personality from each other which is way more cute when you get to stick them all together and come up with an incredible one. I love the fact that there are obstacles within this game that will make you feel challenged as you play the game. The cute sounds and graphics make it more appealing to the eyes of the gamers who are looking for something new, unique and fresh out of their fridge. Kidding aside, this is one spectacular app worthy of your download!

Will you stick the puddings together?

If you love eating puddings, then I guess, your heart will melt when you see that in this game, puddings don’t want to be eaten by humans. Of course, any living thing in this world doesn’t want to die and just be eaten by anyone. But hey, this is a virtual game after all! So let’s enjoy the perks of having fun in the world of Pudding Monsters.

Overall, this app deserves a four star rating! The slick user interface, intuitive controls and incredible graphics and sounds, makes this app deserving to be installed on your Android devices. Considering it’s free, this app is still worthy of your download despite the many ads it can show you all throughout the game. I guess you’ll crave on your favorite pudding or just like me, would want to have that first bite of a pudding whenever I play this game.

After the delicious tastes that puddings have given us, I think they deserve to be saved in this game after all. With their charming and one-eyed looks, I bet they’ve been dying to live longer and be with their fellow puddings, right?

If you are still not convinced of giving this app a try, why don’t you take a sneak peek on the trailer below?

I bet you’re now convinced? It’s now your time to stick them all together and save them once again from their cold-hearted fridge owner!

If you are still craving for some more fun, challenging and slimy adventures with the whole pudding crew, then go ahead and . $0.99 is worthy of saving those puddings rather than swallowing them down to your stomach, right? *wink

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Pudding Monsters: Stick ‘em Together!
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