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Help Oin-Oink save his cousins from the Big Bad Wolf by simply pushing the boxes and avoiding those dangerous hazards.

Part of our best childhood memories would be our favorite bedtime stories which were personally read to us by our parents. It seems like they’re singing a lullaby to put us in a good night’s sleep. There are tons of children’s stories ranging from the best selling ones such as Little Red Riding Hood, Tom Sawyer, Hansel and Gretel and a lot more. Personally, one of my favorite classic children’s stories was The Three Little Pigs. Who wouldn’t forget how the Big Bad Wolf tried to scare and destroy the houses of each pig, right? What’s even cool was how the three little pigs thought of their own creative ideas in building their very own sturdy houses.

Well, we can’t deny the fact that pigs are absolutely adorable, right? If you loved the green pigs in the best selling game, Angry Birds, it’s their moment to shine now on my Android app review! Join the three little green pigs and save them from the big bad wolf.

It’s the perfect time to and save the pigs after the jump!

Once upon a time, there were three little pigs who lived happily in a village. But not far away from the village, there also lived a pack of furious bad wolves. One night, a cousin from the city named Oin-Oink, visited the three little pigs. Surprisingly, there was no one around the house. However, Oin-Oink knew who did this thing to his cousins. It’s up to you on how you will save the pigs from the bad wolf who trapped your cousins from his evil plans just around the corner of those boxes. Are you up for this mind-boggling puzzle game? It’s time to find out!

is a free challenging and addictive puzzle game which is now available for Android devices. Maximize Games developed Push the Box to give the players a new type of puzzle game which will tickle your brains on how to strategically save your fellow pigs from the bad wolf and other trappings that the wolf has made. Aside from this, your childhood memory will flash back to the days where you loved the classic fairy tale of The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf.


√ 15 challenging and fun levels

√ Various unique and mind-boggling obstacles to make the game more attractive

√ Various achievements that you need to accomplish

√ Excellent and HD graphics

√ Simple yet addictive and challenging gameplay

How to save the pigs?

The game begins with a simple story of kidnapping and how it all happened. The Three Little Pigs have been caught by the furious pack of bad wolves and only Oin-Oink, their cousin, can save them. Good thing, Oin-Oink went to the city and brought with him a bunch of boxes as well as his night vision goggles on top of his head that he can use to outsmart those bad wolves.

At every level, a room appears where the three little pigs can be found behind the bars and trapped in between those boxes. Oin-Oink’s job is to navigate, push and slide those boxes for him to rescue his cousins and exit the door afterwards. After each level, trappings and boxes are increased to add a pinch of challenge as you level up. As what the title says, Oin-Oink can only push the boxes but not pull them over. So this game is really quite challenging for a bad push might make it hard for you to put the box in a risky position and you can’t push it anymore.

The game, Push the Box, is not as easy as simply pushing the boxes. Well, it begins with just that. But as the game progresses, there are additional hazards and obstacles that you can find in each room that you must of course, avoid or else, the game is over. These obstacles include Spiked floors, Metal Boxes, Trap tiles, Open Flames and wolf guards which will distract you from setting your cousins free. Oin-Oink’s task is now getting harder as he now needs to maneuver the boxes, avoid those wolf guards and dodge from those spiked tiles as he try his very best to save his cousins. To make the game even more challenging, there are a lot more items introduced along the game such as ice cubes, gloves used for moving those heavy metal boxes, detonate bombs, fans, lever and cardboard boxes which Oin-Oink can hide inside.

To complete the whole fun and challenging experience of this game, there are achievements that you need to accomplish such as Meet Oin-Oink (play first level), Save the hostages (save all the hostages in five levels), Trap the guard (block five guards with box) and so much more. In other games, this is known as your mission. To add thrill while saving your cousins, you also need to accomplish given goals that will test your critical thinking and strategic planning.


The controls are very easy. All you need to do is to click on Oin-Oink and drag him where you want him to go, hide or to move the boxes. You can also tap on a small icon of the magnifying glass at the bottom part of the screen to have a pan view of the whole room. But you can only zoom out and see the whole room for quite some time only, while holding the magnifying glass icon. After when it’s released, the camera focuses again on Oin-Oink.

Kirsten is ready to Push the Box!

“The Three Little Pigs” is my all-time favorite classic children’s story because there’s a good lesson behind it which is about family and helping each other especially in times of need. So creating an app inspired by this story is really incredible! I believe that this is somehow a good clone of the push box or move the box. But I actually find it better than those games because there’s a twist of the hazards, achievements and incorporating the Three Little Pigs story which makes it way cooler than usual moving of boxes games.

The app deserves a four star rating because it has a slick, easy and simple user interface. Not to mention the excellent HD and colorful graphics which make everything look cute! You can also skip a level which you can’t surpass and select on any level you wish to try. To add more challenge, how I wish that users can’t proceed to the next level until they’re done with the previous one. In this way, users will be more challenged to level up so their brains will really be squeezed just to save the three little pigs from the cages, right? But all in all, this is a very fun and interesting app and after all, the three cute green pigs really deserved to be saved.

It’s time to stretch your muscles and save on your cousins from the bad wolf! and save the pigs now!

Take a sneak peek below:

If you want to experience more challenging and addictive levels, download the full version of . The cute green pigs are worthy of your penny!

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