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On October 4, 2012
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Prepare to rack your brains and figure out the best way to slice logs within three attempts.

Don’t you think it’s time you try a puzzle game that helps your brain consider shapes and the pull of gravity when trying to slice through pieces of logs?

After letting TACOTY PH enthrall you with their Celebrity Baby Quiz, why don’t you take another leap of faith and try their ? Unlike SushiChop, this addicting puzzle game lets you devise an efficient way to get rid of most of the logs on their pedestal. The story behind it is a bit sketchy: As a certain town’s most reliable lumberjack, you are invited to join a competition where you need to use your trusted chainsaw to slice through different pieces of wood.

Don’t let the simple backstory fool you: This Android app will put you at your wit’s end and eventually make you ask TACOTY PH for more log-slicing levels.

Lumberjack Level: Mobile

The object of the game is fairly simple: Slice through all the logs in each level in such a way that you get to remove as many bits of them from the platform as your three turns will allow.

Like so.

The percentage of the original log or logs (depending on the level) chopped off is automatically calculated by the app, and you must try to find the right angles to reach the necessary percentage for you to reach the next level. Once you get beyond the tenth level, things can get really tricky, and you’ll soon be forced to hit retry over and over again.


Chainsaw Slicer may make you think of a person or piece of equipment capable of slicing chainsaws, but think again. This free app is all about logs, logs, logs. You get hexagon-shaped logs, rectangular logs, small logs, dark-colored logs, you name it. Figuring out how to best remove the logs from their platform can seriously cause you to waste lots of time. So the game is perfect for whiling away the time!

Tired of waiting for your flight? Take your Android tablet out of your backpack and start slicing!

Is your doctor taking a long time to get back to you about your last lab test result? Get your Android tablet ready and start slicing!

Could not think straight while waiting outside the delivery room? Then borrow someone’s Android tablet and start slicing!

You get the idea.

Another thing great about the app is that most of the levels are just not that easy. The slicing game actually encourages you to use more neurons in your brain! (Ergo, it’s perfect for those people who don’t want to eventually suffer from a neurodegenerative disorder.)


Possibly the only fly in the proverbial ointment is that it has a limited number of log-slicing levels! It’s kind of a bummer when the game ends just when you’re getting seriously hooked on the app. It just is.

Ready to cough up zero dollars for a simple yet addicting app? Download now!

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Rack Your Brains with Chainsaw Slicer
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