Raise Your Hand and Stand Out with Nail Artist Designs

Girls, have you heard of the latest fashion trend? Or, should I say latest “Nail Fashion Trend”? When we talk about fashion, it is not about the hottest and fanciest clothes, shoes, and bags that we only see or hear about, because today there is a trend in the nail industry too.

If you want to be part of that style and you think you can nail it down, try the app. It is a free app that exhibits different collections of incredible nail designs.

The Twist:

Nail Artist Design is a jigsaw puzzle app of various nail designs, so before you see the exact pattern, you have to arrange the picture first. But do not put too much effort analysing the image because you might run out of time.


  • Designs from 2012 Nail Gallery, Mid-2012, latest fashion trends, and popular patterns.
  • Levels 1-128 of disarranged pieces cut into 3×3-6×6.
  • Hint Option where you can check the photo information.
  • Gallery where you can see all the assembled nail designs.
  • Sharing Option- share it to your friends via Gmail and social media such Facebook or Twitter.
  • Available to Android devices
  • FREE

I Like and I Love:

Nail Artist Designs helps you exercise your mind through the challenging puzzles it presents, and as you reach the next level, the harder the image gets. This is also good for people obsessed with nails or aspiring nail artists because here they can find fresh and creative nail pattern ideas. So if you want new ideas for trending nail designs, this is the top app for you.

Do you think you too can stand out? Raise your hands and show them what you’ve got. Download Nail Artist Designs now!

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Raise Your Hand and Stand Out with Nail Artist Designs
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2 comments on “Raise Your Hand and Stand Out with Nail Artist Designs

  1. Ooooh! Finally an app that will cater to my nail needs! Though at first I thought it will let me design my own nail art :/ But still, it’s a cute app!


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