Rampage Shooting in Monster Shooter

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Monster Shooter is a hand-drawn 2D ultra violence game among monsters with brilliant story concept.

I still recall myself hiding under the sheets of my blanket every time my parents turn off the lights back when I was a child. As night time falls, I used to gear up myself with kiddie weapons for an imaginary battle which I presumed to be true. The combat that may perhaps last the entire night begins once my parents click the off button. Once darkness encloses the entirety of my room that is the primary signal for me to fire up if in case someone shows up or something comes to place. But as I woke up, everything is free from danger and normal. Needless to say that nothing really emerged, maybe I was fooling myself though.

Well, who can blame a child? Those were the days . . . Every time I reminisce the feeling of being scared of fictional being  I don’t know if actually exists makes me chuckle. I am one of the conventional kids who happened to believe that darkness is the key portal of hideous creatures and monsters. That is the very reason why I am freaking scared of dark places because for me seeing nothing is like a blind person with zero sight at all.

I know that most people are scared of monsters and that word is kind of alarming to many of us. Monsters are made up of fabricated stories pass from one generation to another which are claimed to be a fictitious creature. According to an online source the word “monster” connotes something wrong or evil; they are commonly described as ethically horrible with hideous and mutant features or nature.

The term monster can also be used as a metaphor for a person with comparable characteristics such as greedy, inconsiderate, and horrible.

For all we know, children comprise weird imaginations inside their exploring minds. I supposed that the creators of also imagined themselves fighting a monster inside their dreams before. This free shooting game by Gamelion Studios brought to life the characters that we have once feared the most. But here is the trick, I can in reality visualize and manipulate a moving monster. Yes, the game is a battle between monsters versus monsters.

If you think virtual humans are the ones to fight the ferocious monsters then your idea is totally wrong. Monster Shooter is a hand-drawn 2D ultra violence game among monsters with brilliant story concept.

The Monstrous Struggle

What will you do if your much-loved kitty was kidnapped and stolen by barbaric outsiders? Are you going to let them pass? Or, are you going to save your most treasured buddy from abduction?

Here is where the conflict arises. Monsters from the other planet took kitty away while you are sleeping. As a result, you went out for an all-out war and ultimate riot. Your mission is simple . . . that is to defeat the enemies in four distinct worlds. For a fresh start, you will be given away gold bars, money, and of course a weapon.

 Game Features:

  • The game uses a dual-stick 2D blaster with numerous levels of total devastation. The left VPad control allow you to move the central character 360 degrees while the right VPad control let you shoot the opponents. Massive weapons and in-level bonuses will only be available once you progresses the game.
  • Two modes: Players can choose between the story mode and the survival mode. If you grow tired of playing the structured level and development in story mode, players can switch to survival mode for endless monster shooting. This one is more of like an ambush where you have to keep yourself alive.
  • Players can either upgrade weapons by playing the game where you can earn monster cash dropped by enemies or through in-app purchases.  By using the money, you can exchange or stash your own powerful weaponry and rule the combat.
  • Meet diverse character of monsters as you accomplish each of the game level.
  • During the course of the game you will find health packs and power-ups such as ammo that increases your aptitude of shooting for a short period of time.
  • Here is my favorite part of the game and that is shopping for weapons and upgrades. Players can visit the shop to check out powerful weapons of different type. 
  • Get free cash by either rating the game, liking their Facebook page, or following their twitter account.

Warning: Watch out for bloody gore and make sure to concoct your own remedy for a ceaseless carnage.


Rohan’s Final Judgment

The free shooting game is an app that features various types of monsters which reminds me of the movie Monster Inc., a film about monsters scaring children so as to generate the city’s power. On the other hand, these scary looking monsters are ironically afraid of being contaminated by the ones they are scaring off. Once in a while, I’ve been terrified by these creepy looking creatures but after watching Monster Inc. and after playing Monster Shooter I am bold enough to face my fearful qualms. The experience gave me the confidence not to panic every time there is a monster (whether fictional or real) coming by.  I’ve been dreaming of slaughtering those monsters ever since I was child, the thought of possessing supernatural powers is quite amazing but this one though made me feel more like of a warrior.

Both game and film provides people the terror they are looking for but in a lighter manner giving us the cartoonish feel.  It is easy to say that the game somehow provides people the appreciation of being frightened. If you are looking for a free game that provides unlimited fun and sci-fi adventure then this is the perfect one for you. I must say that Monster Shooter is insanely addictive, no wonder why our courageous fella went out for a riot just to save his kitty. Once you start playing the game, you just can’t resist the urge of shooting up monsters until the last attacking beast is standing steadily. Given the privilege to take hold of an ammo is classic though it keeps on reloading from time to time which only means of more thrilling and more dangerous jaunt for our valiant rioter.  Moreover, I highly commend the detailed graphics and excellent execution of music of the game. The graphics is more likely enticing that can really glue the eyes of the players from looking at the screen. Moreover, sound is positively electrifying that flares up more of the frenzy. Vengeance is definitely sweet if you are playing a game with such an award-winning graphics and outstanding musical score.

This arcade based game app deserves four kicking stars for the concept, gameplay, wit, and monsteriffic experience. This one is not the typical ghoulish shooting games that we often see in the market, apparently creators were able to combine both jolt and humor in one blasting game that instantly lure users to crave for more.

Monster is not that fearful to me anymore especially now that I have the ability to terrorize them. Why worry if you know that you can beat them now? If you want yourself to experience the heaps of fun, this one is a must try. Check out Monster Shooter for and .

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Rampage Shooting in Monster Shooter
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