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Prepare for an extreme action through Rick O’ Shea, a bouncing human cannonball wearing red suit and helmet.

Let me introduce you to my newest playmate by YoYo Games Ltd., he is a circus performer and one of the coolest puzzle games on Android. By the way, he performs as a human cannonball in a circus, you can play him and some of his circus show friends through this fun-filled casual application.

Are you ready for an electrifying circus act? I need a steady thinker that will pass the challenge and life of a circus performer. But before that, let me tell you facts about circus, the performers, and of course the death-defying cannonballs. 

Y.I.I (Your Instant Information)

Cannonball is piece of round shot ammunition shaped like a ball that is used to load cannons, an artillery that uses explosive-based detonator to launch destructive weapons. The first development of cannons was in China used during the early times creating great damage to its opponent. Cannons vary in range, armaments, motion, rate, and angle of fire. It can be adjusted depending on their intentional use in the combat zone making it one of the powerful weapons in Chinese history.

Circus is an oval or circular arena that showcases different performers, jugglers, acrobats, clowns, equestrian, and trained animals that wow spectators. Ideally, a circus is a performing visual arts that have been accepted by many. There were performers who peddled from town to town performing at local festivals to expand more of the business. It became popular to many and people even built an infrastructure to accommodate such performance in early days. As popularity grows, a conflict occurs during the 60’s and the 70’s, issues about the rights of the animals used to perform in an act were the main concern of anxious crowds.

As time pass by, solid circus performers elevated again the fame they once had. They shifted their performance mixing up human and animal in one act. And the former circus that we knew is now made up of striped colored tents with flag on top of it.

Now, let us combine circus, cannon, and human cannonball, what do we got? A one puzzling act from Rick O’ Shea!

The Act

Prepare for an extreme action through Rick O’ Shea, a bouncing human cannonball wearing red suit and helmet. Players will have to act as Rick O’ Shea, all you have to do is to detonate Rick and let him bounce his way to 5 perilous acts collecting all 360 stars and solving each of the given puzzles in exactly 120 levels. Don’t worry all you have to use is your fingers for tapping and a clear-cut mind to solve the puzzle.

Act 1- see all blasting 24 levels.

Act 2- feel the attraction and fly even further.

Act 3- Careful where you end up and speed might not be of the essence.

Act 4- which way is up? Get to grips with the gravity changer.

Act 5- experience the most daring and death defying challenges of Rick O’ Shea.

Find all of these as you download the app!

Key Features:

  • 1 free act to download plus 4 additional paid acts.
  • For other character option, check out the trailer for 8 more characters (paid) to download.
  • At least 30 stimulating achievements to unlock.
  • Find all 12 mini games.

The 30 Nerve-wracking Achievements

See Rick O’ Shea game achievements below

Jumper- complete all levels in act 1 Bomberman- complete all levels in act 2
Cannoneer- complete all levels in act 3 Blaster- complete all levels in act 4
Daredevil- complete levels in act 5 Bouncer- bounce 25 times without landing in a new cannon
Epic Bouncer- bounce 45 times without landing in a new cannon Starfall- catch 30 stars in minigame 1 without missing one
Mini Gamer- unlock all minigames Mini Game Fanatic- gather more than 150 stars from playing minigames
Winner- collect 60 stars Star- collect 120 stars
Famous- collect 240 stars Super Star- collect 360 stars
Speeder- complete level 24, act 1 within 13 seconds Cannon Dodger I- complete level 15, act 1 with only 1 shot
Squeezer- squeeze through a narrow gate space Cannon Dodger II- complete level 9, act 2 with only 3 shots
Fragile- complete level 14, act 2 without hitting a wall Curiosity- only for the most curious to unlock
Buttonbasher- hit 3 buttons within 2 seconds Misfortune- complete level 10, act 3 without collecting a star
Fast and Furious- complete level 9, act 4 within 16 seconds Thrillseeker- get very close to a shark without being eaten
Toughness- die more than 200 times Portal Person- switch the gravity 10 times in one level
Chronological- survive for 3 minutes in minigame 5 Gravity Bender- switch the gravity 10 times in one level
Back and Forth- collect 21 stars in minigame 7 Achiever- achieve more than 20 achievements

The Circus Performer

I am a thrill and challenge seeker little girl by heart. Circus is one of the exciting schemes for me, so anything related to it is interesting and attention getter. As a child, I imagine myself watching a circus show and participating in one of their death-defying acts. I know that is not easy to entertain people why your life is in great danger. Seriously, real circus show is a high time for me and a one of a kind experience. Since we are living in a modernize world I rarely see circus performers anymore though there are professional circus performers who goes country to country to perform. I just have to pay a big amount of money to be able to witness such great acts. For some people, they considered circus as part of their lives, some are even attending training camps to learn, and some are born with natural talent on becoming one of the adept performers in a circus.

At first, I assumed that the app is just a simple boring puzzle game posing the same idea of collecting stars and escaping obstacles. But when I downloaded Rick O’ Shea I was a bit amazed because I never thought that the idea of the app was all about circus. Manipulating a circus performer in the game particularly a human cannonball was a fun idea and me trying to perfect the so-thought stunts is pretty awesome. There are actually different characters in a circus show though players have to buy all 8 of them for nonchalant game experience. I was upset though with the fact that there is only one free stage in the game then the rest is paid. They could have let the other acts free for users to unlock and then have them purchase the extra characters. But then again the app is irresistible! If you want to know more of the app, check out Rick O’ Shea in the app market now.

Watch Trailer Here:

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Rick O’ Shea: The Human Cannonball
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