Get Away From The Relentless Savages With Rope Escape

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Rope Escape is a high thrills escape game where you have to collect coins, swing through the trees and get away from evil savages.

Are you a huge Indy fan?

If we concoct the idea of  the whip-cracking adventurer, Indiana Jones to the Tarzan movie then we’ll probably got something to toss in for good measure.

There are a dime a dozen of side-scrolling apps out there but how about indulging into some addictive high thrills escape game in the midst of the wild jungle? This app actually embodies the spirit of Indiana Jones and is infused with genes from the archetypal feral child raised in the African jungle, Tarzan.

Catapult yourself and swing high through the trees and into the sky after the cut!

Rope Escape is an entertaining side-scrolling app formed by developer Deemedya.  You, as the player will be transpoted into the heart of the jungle where you have to battle with mean, evil boulder-tossing savages. To save yourself, you must swing out of harm by springing rope from trees to other high objects. Yes, you are the man with monkey skills and it definitely will have you thinking of Spider-Man’s web-shooters though you’ll not be firing adhesive strands of special “web fluid” but yeah, ropes.

Indy Features

  • Fast and furious continuous game play
  • Highly addictive gaming platform (no, really, you will get addicted)
  • Colourful characters for using in-game
  • Collect power-ups in game or purchase via IAP
  • Facebook integration to challenge your friends

The Great Escape

The game actually has 3 modes:  regular gameplay, Time Attack (self explanatory) and Rope Limit, which gives  you a finite number of ropes. You, as the Indiana Jones-like adventurer, will be catapulted first into the air and as aforementioned, you must escape the chasing savages. The controls are but an easy stuff. To get started with the game, you must propel yourself forward by swinging. You must shoot ropes to the treetops by tapping on them and get as far as possible. The latter will make you swing and as you pass through the jungle, you must earn coins. Of course, you’ll encounter some irregular line of coins above the tree canopy and it’s up to your ability to get some if not all. Timing  is essential in the app since if your deploying of rope got delayed there’s that risk of getting too low or worst, you’ll slam into the ground and see the body of your character break apart. Apart from that, you must calculate your moves and make your swing much precise as you might miss some fulcrum and rewards like the rocket that gives you time-limited powers. You may also use the zeppelins to swing even higher for the best in-game rewards and power-ups. Simply tilt your device to control the blimp. It will give you that plenty of momentum as it may take you into space. On the other hand, as you swing like the reanimated Tarzan, you can also utilize the flying catapulted rocks to swing even faster and higher through the air. You must be careful though as the masses of rock initially can be the cause of your demise.

This app also integrated a social aspect where you can sign into “Rope Escape” through your  account on Facebook and view how your achievements stack up against your peers and the rest of the world. There are times also it will nag you to share the game on Facebook to acquire free coins.

Inexplicably, there are huge boulders flying in different directions that you can attach your rope onto. The objectives are also clear– garner as much coinage as possible, get as far as possible and get as high as possible. The coins could be spend to purchase stuff in the store that can help you through the game such as upgrades like magnets, rockets, different types of rope and even characters. Collecting coins and power-ups may not be that easy because you don’t have that direct control on most of them that are scattered all over the place but with lots of luck, you’ll be able to bag quite a few power-ups per run.

And since it’s a free app, there are adverts appearing on the screen. However, you can remove it with the option to use the coins you’ve collected. Of course, you could buy coins with real money but it’s still possible to progress without from getting anything from your pocket.

If you’ve had enough of the regular gameplay then try a little at least of the other game modes until you get the 500 meters achievement which offers you a reward of 50 coins per each mode.

Swing And Up, Up, And Away!

This one’s pretty much a game of luck at times because it can get frustrating at times especially when you’re trying to attach the rope at a certain point and it fails to detect it precisely.  It features ragdoll physics, the usual concept you’ll see on such genre but nonetheless, it is applicable to people of all ages. The artistic presentation, I mean the graphics aren’t that superb but can pass on with my standards. Gameplay wise, it’s challenging and chaotic somehow although there are moments where the controls are inaccurate.

Overall, it  will keep you gunning for high scores as you defy the laws of gravity and as powerups make it more interesting in a sense. A drawback to my opinion, is that the music is not that remarkable.  In other respects, I don’t see any major disadvantages. It’s just up to the players to learn the art of swinging like Tarzan (and the apes). It’s a good game to keep playing over and over again although personally, I didn’t feel any thrill besides getting sort of exasperated on how to  get all the coins. After a lot of try, I still can’t manage to swing gracefully in the trees… or rocks.

I bet it’s better to practice  and learn swinging forward in the game. You have the tendency to fall vertically at great speed which could make it harder to catch on to something and continue your run away from the pesky enemies. Well, speaking of, I don’t see any of them. I guess, the story is just made up as a tease for players. However, this actually made me think of something like a creative element to add into the game. It could be far better if they could integrate some bad-ass villains to slay or perhaps give the protagonist in the app a partner– a leading lady perhaps?

Extra Thoughts

Rope Escape is an app that is a pleasure to play with and could kill a lot of free time. It’s compelling in a way that reaching new heights, bringing zeppelins down and such crazy stunts are those exceptional features that one shouldn’t dare to miss.  You may opt to farm all of your upgrades in the game but it would take some time since your first few tries of experience in swinging might not be that successful.

This app is a challenging game with intense pace and crazy concept. It’s repetitive and may urge you to try and hasten your skills in swinging. It can keep you trying for more and I guess this could only mean that it’s worth a try.

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Get Away From The Relentless Savages With Rope Escape
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