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Spice up your life and collect all the chili peppers with Rubber Tacos!

When I think of the Mexicans, I can’t help but affix them to the popular sport boxing, tearjerker TV dramas and most especially I can’t stop lusting and drooling over their delectable foods such as the mouthwatering burritos, tasty tacos, cheesy quesadilla and the like. Not just that, pop culture has been bombarded with cartoonish representations of their rich culture such as Speedy Gonzalez and Nacho Libre. But now, we can already add an app to that ever-growing list. We can include the amazeballs Rubber Tacos.

I know you’ve had enough of Physics-based games here in Applatter, but lo and behold, this family wants your full attention. Just look at them (referring to the photo above).

Rubber Tacos is a bouncy family adventure puzzle where you help the Taco family recover their peppers stolen by the crazy Piñata through over 120 delicious levels. This gaming application is developed by Zynga and is compatible for both iOS and Android devices.

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Never Ever Trust a Piñata

A family of masked luchadors are having a picnic and when they are about to chow down on some chili peppers, a burro-shaped Piñata dog zooms by and steals the whole lot. It runaway quickly and off he goes through countless Mexican-themed stages  dropping five peppers. This leaves the acrobatic cartoon wrestlers to chase after the Piñata dog to retrieve  their holy grail of spices.  Bounce through the absurdist levels and reunite the family of high-flying luchadors.

Now it’s in your hands to help them reclaim what is rightfully theirs. Ready?

Red Hot Features

- 120 levels of bouncing madness
- 4 exciting chapters
- 5 unique characters
- Extreme power-ups
- Create and share levels
- Challenge your friends
- Leaderboards

The Taco Family on a Bouncy Adventure

To play this Physics-based puzzle game, you simply have to fling the members of heavily-stylized family of Mexican superheroes. You usually start with a masked wrestler and to maneuver him, you simply press, drag and release to launch him from the springboard. You may pull harder to launch the luchador farther until he lands on the other platform. While calculating your moves, you must also be vigilant of a series of hazards in between. Not just that, you must also grab as many peppers (bonus items) as you can. In the long run, you may perform amazing tricks using the family’s super powers that will eventually aid you in the succeeding stages of the game.

In over 4 frenzied food-filled chapters, fly over the grumpy cactus, evade the dangerous crab claws and overcome other obstructions. However, the challenge ultimately relies on your ability to make the perfect bounce. By this means, you must carefully strategize your moves especially when holding down the springboard before releasing a shot. If you miss the target, you will see a dotted path indicating your previous try. Eventually you will be able to estimate more accurately as a result of trying it again and again.

Alongside the right angle with the right amount of force (determined by how far you pull back from the launching platform), you can bounce off the dude in each successive trampoline. As you delve further into the game, additional mechanics are added to spice up the game such as bouncy trampolines, plus you must also volley down a set of ropes. Crazy stunts indeed.

Sounds difficult? Fret not, you’ll later on in the game unlock and have access to various powers corresponding to each members of the family. To exemplify the latter, the mother can use a magnetic field around herself and zap to the goal even if the initial shot was a little off while the grandpa with has cactus-killing skillset may be used to get rid of some obstacles. Indeed, this makes the game way lot easier at least and keeps you entertained in a way. However, power-ups only have a finite quantity but may be refilled by occasional bonus rounds or by expending the app’s hard currency Dineros.

This app also has a level editor or a build mode where you can design and customize your own levels and share them with your other peers. You can actually visit other players’ custom levels and even rate them. Doing so may award you “hearts” that you can utilize to overcome obstacles.

And oh, I just noticed something. I’m not sure about the plot of the game, its premise isn’t that related and even essential to the gameplay, however it gave enough entertainment for players to have a gist of what this app will be offering to them, well somehow. With over 120 caliente levels and immense special moves, you’ll definitely develop a hankering for this particular hot sauce.


Spice and Everything Nice

In this app, you can delightedly indulge in its crispy  cartoon style graphics. In addition, the catchy music, entertaining aesthetic and good animation are also praiseworthy. They all make the game much engaging while not that really addictive. On the other hand, I think this has the same mechanics as Cut The Rope–well sort of. But I like its festive slingshot-styled gameplay and how they integrated that “Mexican”vibe into it. However, my gripe for this app is that it has no zoom-in feature, which makes it really hard for anyone to control the target. Besides that, I find it really confusing to look at the interface of the game, it has many cluttered stuff. I mean, if the devs can make it look a bit neat then perhaps it won’t bother the eyes of its users. However, I still commend it for exhibiting that appropriate Latin charm.

Personally, I was triggered to take this app a spin because of its wonderful graphics. Once I’ve opened it, I was a bit flabbergasted that the wrestler dude became so tiny and that I cannot zoom it in. It took away that joy in me somehow because I cannot have that more distinct look of how it will actually move or act on its “finish”platform. I think it’s pretty cool actually but yeah, by the looks of it, it’s merely decorated and/or developed that way.

Overall, their spicy take on a bouncy puzzle game is appealing but it’s just like a light snack that won’t fill in your cravings for some enthralling game. Nonetheless, it lacks those necessary ingredients to make it more indulging and appealing than those other Physics-based gaming apps in the market.

Final Verdict

There are literally thousands of other games that can kill your time and Rubber Tacos does it as well. I think it’s pretty much safe to assume that you’re already sick of a Physics-based game however this app is fun to play and has a distinct personality that makes it different from the rest.  Additionally, it’s entertaining and challenging enough albeit I think burritos and tacos are still an awesome and better option to kill some time–or rather feed your appetite.

Anyway, if you’re fond of puzzle and physics based games then this app should be in your game list. It is totally free anyway, so you should totally give it a try.

So what are you waiting for? Bounce off and download this app on the now!

View the video of the app below:

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A Bouncy Adventure With Rubber Tacos
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