Save Garfield’s Lasagna!

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Help Garfield and his friends save the precious lasagna from the nasty food invaders.

When you ask kids of this generation, who their favored cartoon characters are, you’ll surely hear a lot of new characters. Some of them are not even recognizable to you, like the recently released characters from Cartoon Network, Disney, and Nickelodeon. It’s unlikely to hear a kid say Tom and Jerry, Goofy, and the fluffy cat, Garfield.

I can’t fathom why some kids are hung up on Garfield. I mean, who could ever come pass that cute orange cat that loves a plate (or more) of lasagna? Where in the world did the Garfield buffs go? Good thing, kids these days can be acquainted with Garfield without looking monotonous or peculiar. Ready your kitchen tools and help Garfield save his dear lasagna from the alien food invaders with the Garfield Defense: Attack of the Food Invaders App.

is an app that will allow players hark back in the days when Garfield was the coolest cat on earth. The Garfield Defense is just like the other castle defense games offered in the market; the only difference is that Garfield and his friends have to look after the precious lasagna from the alien invaders. Don’t be fooled by the cute meatball visage of the invaders as they are nasty and resilient, and they gravely yearn for Garfield’s Lasagna.

What are they going to do with the lasagna?

Ridiculous as it may sound, the Food Invaders will get the lasagna from Garfield to transform it into vehicles and weapon. As the game makes progress, you will notice that the aliens are slowly shows up wearing armors made of cakes, ice cream cones, pizza pies, and more. They might look delectable and cute, but you have to be warned as they get a lot stronger as soon as their food armors get bigger. Garfield will not bear a world deprived of lasagna. He invited his friends to help him get rid of the nasty meatball alien invaders.

Garfield and Friends

If you are familiar of Garfield’s story, you can recall all the characters involved in Garfield Defense: Attack of the Food Invaders. Garfield has 5 friends to help him get rid of the invaders. Remember his precious dog friend Odie and his owner, Jon? They are all part of this strategy game.

In order to get rid of these annoying bantam meatballs, Garfield have to whack them using a newspaper or by throwing forks at them. Some of his friends perform various tricks to eradicate these aliens. One of his friends, Sheldon, kicks them in order to neutralize them. Other characters get a lot stronger and faster. All you have to do is use power-ups and create strategies.

Power-ups and Defense Strategies

Just like other defense games, Garfield Defense: Attack of the Food Invaders offer power-ups that will helps the players create better strategy against the enemies. Every level accomplished accumulates a power-up for Garfield and his friends. These power-ups are utilized in a strategic manner as the levels get stiffer as the game continues. To be able to get a power-up, you have to collect the cookies that will appear when you annihilated an invader. The popcorn kernels should be drawn together as they are used to speed up Sheldon’s generation time.

Are you going help Garfield save the Lasagna?

Definitely! The gameplay of Garfield Defense: Attack of the Food Invaders is hard to resist. Add up the cute graphics and the sound effects and you have one great comic based app. I am not fond of other strategy games as I lack patience in creating a plan to evade the enemies. But because this is Garfield that we are talking about, I would gladly make an exception.

is available in Google Play for free.

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Save Garfield’s Lasagna!
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