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If you are looking for an immerse fun and adventure, dive in to an endless-swimming game called Sea Stars (Free) a rainbow color arcade game by Hothead Games, the only mobile studio operated solely by accountants.

The discovery of diverse marine life form has been listed for over years now. Imagine the numbers of sea creatures living underwater knowing that 71% of earth’s surface is covered with water. Just like any other cryptic stories, there are things beyond the seabed floor that remains debatable to public. Who knows what lies under the depths of the ocean?

People are not sure of the danger that looms them underneath the unfathomable waters making it preposterous for humans to live there. Several aquatic experts were able to gather information about the nature beyond the aqueous part of the world through modernization. The incredible ability of aquatic animals to stay longer beneath the deep-sea has been explained by the professionals. People are familiar with the skills our friendly sea creatures have such as swimming and breathing underwater using their gills.

If you are looking for an immerse fun and adventure, dive in to an endless-swimming game called a rainbow color arcade game by Hothead Games, the only mobile studio operated solely by accountants.

Want to become a star and conquer the sea?

With first game experience, players will immediately get the hang of it. Directing set of aquatic friends as they splash through the sea is easy. All you have to do is to simply hold your finger on the screen to make Dante the Dolphin swim all the way to the seabed for a start. Once you let go, the creature flips back towards the surface. The game is just a matter of accuracy and perfect timing to be able to collect coins or power-ups and to avoid manic looking villains such as annoyed jellies and rocket crabs that suddenly pop out of nowhere. Make sure to complete tasks and earn points to unlock other sea stars pals with unique characteristics or new sceneries. The deeper you dive and the farther you get the higher chance for you to accumulate coins or power-ups and the greater possibilities to unlock other stuffs. Remember to keep it cool and evade the mischievous adversaries.

Game Features:

  • Discover the bright and endless swimming adventure by completing level-headed missions.
  • Swim your way to the mystic world of desert islands, concave cities, and shipwrecks.
  • Play every challenging task to win points or rewards.
  • Find out surprising prizes inside clam shells as you gather them along the journey.
  • Check out the store for cool items, power-ups, and other cool characters.

Meet Some of the Other Sea Stars Characters:

  1. Dante the Dolphin
  2. Oscar the Orca
  3. Flapjack the Beaver
  4. Shelly the Sea Turtle
  5. Mr Puddles the Penguin
  6. Niji the Narwhal (Sea Unicorn)
  7. Cthathy-Loo the Great Old One
  8. Ms Nibbles the Alligator
  9. Secret Character

The Deep Impression

I would like to give Sea Stars a big hand for giving us a pleasing and colorful underwater adventure. I would also like to highlight the rainbow birds that join you along the journey for it gives me positivity every time I see their brightness. Players must anticipate the missions and achievement given the game is just one of the endless running games in the store and market.  Ideally speaking, I can say that the game has no profoundness at all except the vibrant impact of the rainbow every time our friendly buddy dashes outward the surface. The vivid graphics is somewhat attractive to the eyes while the sound effects give you the surfer feel.  The ocean theme of Sea Stars sure creates an aquatic touch as you play the game. The only challenge here is how you will perfectly direct our cartoonish buddy from swimming and diving to gather coins as many as you can while trying to escape the enemies. Though I really had a hard time guiding Dante, thanks to the useful hints and tips I was able to slowly master the game.

To See More of the Action Watch Full Trailer Here: 

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Sea Stars: The Underwater Journey
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