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Esteve Animacio

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On January 11, 2013
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Crazy Boxes by Esteve Anamacio is an arcade shooting game for those who are all about action mixed with a tinge of lunacy.

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I love boxes– okay, I just blurted out another eccentric part of my personal life. I have this quaint addiction with boxes. It may be a luxurious box, a shoebox, or whatever type of box I fancy. For me, it’s extremely functional because I can reuse it in different ways. Well, it really is reusable– save the Earth guys! It may also be because my OC-ness (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) is kicking in. Boxes help me get rid of the clutter inside my room and help me in organizing my things. If someone raids my stuff and my boxes suddenly gets chaotic, you better hide yourself. But what if it was the boxes’ decision? I have a crazy imagination right? Well, I’m not as crazy as you think because Crazy Boxes exists and they are ready to make you go nuts with an app that you can download in your mobile device.

is an arcade shooting game for those who are all about action mixed with a tinge of lunacy. If you have an obsession with arcade games, then this is one game that you should be downloading on your device. It’s a classic type of game refurbished for today’s generation.

- Action, interactivity and lots of fun!
- Wonderful, friendly artwork in High Definition graphics.
- Multilanguage text: Spanish, English, Chinese and Arabic.
- Physical activity with the Standing-Up game.
- Special weapons and combos.
- Game customization and several game modes!
- Game Center and social network interactivity.
- Interactive Tutorial.
- User profile and personal Store.
- Boxes Editor (soon)

The game starts with a walk-through to everything you need to know about Crazy Boxes. The interactive tutorial will instruct you on how to play the game and will challenge you to take another shot. Of course, if you think that tutorials are just a waste of time and just want to go on with the action packed game, you have the option to skip that part. The craziness begins when the you start with the real game.

There are no right or left button for you to aim at the boxes. What you need to do is physically move your device to the direction that you want, or popularly known as gyroscope game style. If you pan your device to the left or right direction, you will notice that the cross hair will point at a box. To fire at the crazy boxes, simply tap on any part of the screen.

The firing method can be altered for you to get an easier aim, especially if multiple boxes starts to get crazy. The fire ball is basically using multiple shots to hit numerous boxes at a given time. The ice ball freeze the boxes briefly for you to get a better aim. Lastly, the volley mode allows users to continually shoot the balls for a short duration.

In the tutorial, you will be allowed to try the special fire modes to check which among them will allow you to get the highest score. It may be used in combination too: using the ice ball to freeze boxes followed by the volley mode to hit them all.

Are you up for a Crazy Challenge?
I grew up playing and loving different arcade games, so obviously this is a must have app for me. Basically, this is a typical game that we’ve tried at least once in our lives. However, we still cannot let go of these games and the challenges they bring. Just like endless runner games, they have this pull that we cannot cut loose.

The quirky boxes adds up to the entertainment aspect in the game. Believe me, their craziness is punishing especially if you have trifling patience–a huge factor that makes you want to finish the game in a blink of an eye. The graphics are remarkable too; a perfect balance with the sounds and the gameplay. Since they Crazy Boxes can be downloaded for free you can savor the fun without spending a dime. But, if you really want an extra shot of fun and adventure, you can have an in-app purchase for the upgrades.


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Shoot The Crazy Boxes!
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