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On November 26, 2012
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A flash game turned mobile app, enjoy the old-school sniper shooting with Clear Vision (12+) for both iOS and Android phones.

Being the crime-busting junkie that I am, watching a number of well-known American mystery-solving television shows is a serious business for me right before I go to sleep and especially during weekends. In particular, my favorite antagonists are the ridiculously intelligent computer-slash-murderer suspects which are generally a hard case to solve of course, the forensic team will always find a “eureka piece” to capture the red-handed culprit (ehem, Bones!). But for some serious blood scattering, never underestimate the wrath of a crazy sniper! Which is the reason why I love and hate the finale of NCIS’s first season.

From the get-go, the thought that in each murder case, the good-willed team can give justice and closure to the mourning family is forever a nice touch which is why I can’t get enough of these kind of shows. But my inkling is not limited to watching because playing mystery-solving games give me the right kind of mental thrill as well. Although there are times when taking on the role of the bad guy is even more enjoyable. Just like those times when playing brutal Flash games over the internet takes so much time away from my weekends. Remember Clear Vision?

Lock and load as Clear Vision can now be played on both iOS and Android devices at no cost! Enter the world of old-school stick figures and be the most wanted assassin in town! If you wanna go back in time and blow numerous black stick heads again, then read on for more information about the simple yet very engaging app.

Okay, I have been into for hours more than I intended to when I was in high school and even up to when I was in college. It was fun, sue me. But you’ll never catch me playing any dress-up games, though—because I only open them when I’m alone (haha). Aside from that, games with big guns which is all about blowing stuff and killing is forever on the peak of my list. Needless to say, the entrance of Clear Vision in the app market is right on target!

Clear Vision (12+) is a shoot to kill soft-colored sniper game with an engaging and well-written story line that captures the whole essence of the entire game. It was first released as a Flash game which was enjoyed by many through out the years. Starring Tyler, the fresh-out-of-the-oven angry assassin, the player will be one with him as he lives a wealthy life with no care whatsoever to all the blood in his hands. The only thing he has to worry about is how to live up to his new job title: Hired Killer.

DPFlash Studios and FDG Entertainment partnered up to give all the dedicated players of Clear Vision their dose of the well-loved game by creating a mobile application which can be downloaded by both Android and iOS users. Do I hear an applause over there? Kidding! On a serious note, the simplicity of Clear Vision’s game play and design became the plus factor of the app. No exaggerated colors and drawings which remained true to the original Flash game we’ve known.

Clear Vision: There’s No Such Thing As Mercy Killing

With a gripping story to boot, Clear Vision starts out with a lengthy drama about the root of Tyler’s turn into a paid assassin. Well, the story goes like this:

Working as a janitor on a grocery store, Tyler was sweating himself off by trying to make things work with all his bills piling up. One day, he had enough of his boss’s banter and decided to leave his insufficient cleaning job. He then looked for other source of money by applying at different jobs he can find in the local paper. From a technician to a school caretaker, Tyler was said to not fit the job. On the brink of depression, his eyes fixated on the hard core rifle sitting quietly in a corner of his apartment. And as what they say, “the rest was history”. Tyler is now paid hundreds of dollars by erasing the existence of somebody else’s foe. 

The gist of the game goes like this, someone will leave a message by sliding down a piece of paper under your door. The message contains the details of your next kill. Your “boss” will indicate his reasons, the person to be killed, the amount they’re offering, and where to find him or her. It’s up to you if you’ll accept it or not but I suggest that you do since you’re just starting your clandestine business.

Upon arriving at the destination, make sure that you’ll target the right person because it’s a waste of money and ammo if you’ll kill a civilian. And try to make sure that you’re records are flawless, if you can.

Per kill, you will need different kinds of rifles depending on where the target will be and the wind. Yes, you’ll need to take into mind all the sniper stuff. The higher the gun, the more expensive it is so make sure to accept all the jobs offered to you so you can have the money and maybe spare a lot more for future use. The guns are available at Bad Ben’s Weapons, just step out of your apartment and look for it at the in-app map.

Don’t worry about missing a shot, because you can always try again and reload your gun. There will be marks on the viewfinder so you can adjust your shot depending on how long the distance is between you and your target plus the power of the wind that can greatly affect the speed and direction of the bullet. As you can see by now, the game is pretty easy with not much hindrance but the flow of wind. Oh the usual sniper problems.

Target Features

  • A very captivating and dramatic story line
  • Animated cut scenes
  • 5 available sniper rifles bought with your collected “money” through out the game
  • Wind and distance calculation to help you hit the target right on
  • Awesome graphics and appropriate sound scoring

To adhere to the audience’s wants, the developers did some tweaking to Clear Vision to make it more appealing and download-worthy. The graphics are high definition and the sound scoring a bit more dramatic which is perfect for this RPG-type of game.

Harrie Sees It Crystal Clear

Years of watching a couple of people solve a hard core murder case mentally or through physical actions already took its toll on me because my standards with mystery-based movies are higher than usual. The same thing goes for my taste in games. Although Clear Vision has fewer blood compared to my usual cup of tea, it makes up by having a gripping story line that acts as a form of justification for the killing rampage of Tyler.

The visual aspects of Clear Vision might not compete well with the other RPG games in the app market but it fares greatly in terms of originality. It’s one of those who started it all, just sayin’.

All in all, Clear Vision is an app to while your time away and if you want a bit of that “something else” in your games. You can find it in the and for free, so go ahead and download Clear Vision (12+) now!

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Shoot to Kill: Clear Vision (12+)
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