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On September 7, 2012
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Skyrise Runner lets you play a character in a world somewhat similar to Avatar's Pandora.

The mobile app market is teeming with runner apps, and we have buzzed about some of the latest ones here. You’d think that, at this rate, we already find these games silly and mundane.

Wrong! We take all apps seriously, and Skyrise Runner is treated no differently. Plus, it’s still noteworthy as it can hook players with its beautiful graphics and varying difficulty levels.

Skyrise Runner for PC

Skyrise Runner takes a leap forward with an ambitious application available on , , and Intel AppUp. In this game, you play a tribal character named Ciellu, who might just be a long-lost cousin of the Na’vi (from James Cameron’s Avatar).

The plot is a bit similar too, because in Ciellu’s world, the enemies are a bunch of lumber jacks who are more than likely looking for some rare and powerful mineral.

Simple Gameplay; Great Graphics

As a native of the skyland, Celliu must save his precious world from lumber jacks while moving through the treetops and collecting crystals and power-ups. We perfectly understand the message here. With Skyrise Runner, you also get to appreciate the beauty of nature and how the destruction of the environment is just complete and utter capitalist evil.

To play, simply tap the screen to make the character jump, and tap a different part of the screen I you want to take advantage of the available power-ups in your inventory. By harnessing the power of the crystals, you will even be able to morph into the Great Eagle!

Something even Jake Sully can’t do

So from just jumping from treetop to treetop, you get to fly in the sky once you morph into an eagle. You can still beat the capitalists and collect precious crystals (unobtainium?) as you try to be skyland’s one and only savior.

The visual entertainment presented in the entire game is simply appealing. While there are numerous applications with cute and enthralling graphics, this exciting game from Ilusis Interactive Graphics is refreshing.  The 3D environment is detailed, colorful, and well-done. The animation, meanwhile, perfectly shows how quick and agile Ciellu is.

With over 60 missions available, Skyrise Runner will surely be able to keep you on the edge of your seat. Each mission offers its own unique environment, too. Want to improve your scores on each level? Then just play the same mission again and again!

Simple gameplay is redefined with a game that is easy on the eyes and wallet.

Take a look for yourself here:

The Flipside

Strangely, the game costs $0.99 on Intel AppUp, but it’s free on Google Play and iTunes!  We recommend you download this truly entertaining app on either your Android or iOS device.

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Skyrise Runner: Not Just Your Average Runner Game
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