Slow down, Crazy Grandpa!

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CrazyGame/Changqing Ye

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On December 10, 2012
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An endless runner game with a Japanese skating grandpa as the main character!

Three feisty grandmothers have graced the Applatter website so it’s probably appropriate to feature a fearless grandpa this time, don’t you think? To somehow balance our senior citizen line up, it’s time to pitch in a new character: a very flexible and outrageous Japanese gramps! Take a break from Temple Run and be crazy with another 3-D like endless runner game that’s making a noise in the app market, Crazy Grandpa! Obviously, old people as the main characters are becoming quite a trend with developers.

Let’s enjoy the busy minimalist streets of Japan as the Crazy Grandpa speeds in between cars and motorcycles in his ever so fast skateboard. It might seem like Grandpa is quite a handful but guiding him through the narrow road of Japan is an exciting experience although the game play has no new offers. If you’re a fan of endless runners, then read on for more details about Crazy Grandpa.

Before I was even born, my grandparents were already in the heavens. But I have such a huge family that I never really felt the pang of longing to maybe just meet even one of my grandparents.  It would have been cool though, having to always get away with things because your grandma or grandpa will always have your back. I don’t know if that’s really true at all situations but I’m thinking that it would somehow be nice to be spoiled once in a while. One thing’s for sure, playing Crazy Grandpa made me want to have a relative which is adventurous despite the age.

Crazy Grandpa is an endless runner game created by CrazyGames which is suitable for both Android and iOS devices. There’s no premise, just a Japanese grandfather skateboarding his way through the busy streets of Tokyo—maybe? The game utilizes tilt controls to collect all the makis, sushis, and power ups scattered around the road. Of course, there will be obstacles along the way, make sure to jump over or slide under them. And do expect them to be plentiful.

The Gameplay

Really, there’s nothing contemporary about Crazy Grandpa’s gameplay. The controls are the usual tilts, slide down, and jump over although with regards to the other elements of the app, there are quite a few tweaks. For example, there are speed ups on the road that once you’ve passed it, you’ll accelerate for about 10 seconds before going back to your original speed. Another one is the presence of multiple obstacles. In Temple Run, you’re just facing a couple of monstrous roots, fire, and oddballs but in Crazy Grandpa, you’ll be dealing with manholes, cars, motorcycles, and hot air balloons. Okay, the hot air balloon might be out of place but it’s such a huge road obstruction that if you forget to slide under it, grandpa will kiss the pavement.

There are achievements that can be unlocked too once you’ve reached a number of miles without breaking any of grandpa’s bones. After a couple of meters, there will be more obstacles and the sushi’s will appear and a heart too! The heart will add a life to grandpa which gives you an advantage of continuing your run even after you’ve lost control of the skateboard.

End Note

I do enjoy endless runner games so much because when boredom strikes, it’s a great escape. So I’d definitely suggest Crazy Grandpa for everyone because the game play is known to almost everyone and the obstacles are engaging enough to make the players glued to their screens. All in all, the app is definitely download-worthy for me.

Crazy Grandpa is compatible with Android and iOS devices and you can download it in the and at the for FREE. Do try it out and see for yourself how this grandpa can kick butts!

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Slow down, Crazy Grandpa!
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    Slow down, Crazy Grandpa!

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    Slow down, Crazy Grandpa!

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    Slow down, Crazy Grandpa!


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