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On February 21, 2013
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Enjoy eight age-old solitaire card games wrapped in a single app!

To play solitaire means one would be playing on their own with only the deck of cards as their adversary. Whether you’re playing on your desktop or with a tangible deck, games under the solitaire title requires a player’s focus and intent to win. But it’s always been a game of luck, so if the heavens aren’t with you, then dust it off and try again. Though I enjoy playing the four-decked solitaire on my computer when a boring afternoon calls for it, firing up the mean machine sometimes is too tedious and distracting. Good thing there’s Solitaire World Free I can now play on my Android phone!

Get to know more about this 8-in-1 application after the cut!

According to what I’ve read, a card game that’s played with only a single person is also tagged as “patience”. Well, figures. It’s challenging yourself with a game that relies on how advantageous the chance of the card order is. Though it’s a case to case basis really, the thought that maybe you’ll get a bucket of luck with your latest deal is a thrill unto itself.

Created by Cuong Lam, Solitaire World Free is an app created for the Android audience that wraps eight solitaire games into one polished application. From Spider Solitaire to Free Cell, taking some alone time while letting the time pass by is as easy as swiping your finger on your screen.

Much like the game we’ve been used to play on our desktop computers way back when the internet is as slow as ever, Solitaire World Free pretty much looks the same. There are no moving backgrounds or quirky designs and whatnot. Just a simple user-interface conducive for deep meditation on what card should you move next.

Included games

Unfortunately, the only mechanics I’m acquainted is the Spider Solitaire and the Klondlike. The other games included in the app, admittedly, I have never encountered before.

There are eight games that players can choose from. Some of the games have the same rules with a little tweaks on the number of cards as you can see from the picture above. There’s also a progress board that saves your game statistics so you can compare your previous scores from your current one.

Klondlike is the most basic game of Solitaire. Known to many as Solitaire per se, this is the game we’ve spent hours playing—if your determined enough. Players can choose from Klondlike One Card and Klondlike Three Cards. This indicates how many aces will already be in the four blank cells that’s on top of the screen.

Aside from Klondlike, I also played Spider Solitaire with only one suit which I was able to finish! The screenshot here is of the two suits.

The other games looks just as swell but I wasn’t able to play it because of “noob” matters. Soon enough, I’ll make time for the other games which are: Freecell, Golf, Bakers Dozen, and Trefoil.

End Note

One thing I appreciated the most about the app is its cleanliness. Buttons are properly placed on the sides of the screen and the response of the card to touch is impeccable. I did not have any trouble with dragging the sets into place which is a good thing considering that the cards appear to be small. Since I’m using a wide screen phone, maybe that took part in my easy play. I am wondering though how would it fare on small Android phones even though you’ll be playing with a landscape orientation.

All in all, Solitaire World Free is an application that’s meant to distract you for hours or if you’re just bored. No need to open up your computers because you can already play the classic game on your devices!

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App Review: Solitaire World Free
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