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Amazingly turn your speech into music with Songify.

The Applatter team has presented some notable music apps which contributes a lot in changing the lives of music enthusiasts and frustrated singers.

If you’re listening on the radio and you caught that “last song syndrome”, Shazam will instantly identify the song or artist for you. When you feel like singing your heart out with your friends, Sing! Join the global karaoke party will let you reach out to your friends in any part of the world through a song. However, if you want to show off your musical wits and battle out with your fellow music geeks, Song Pop will put you to a test.

Today, this app review is dedicated to all those music buffs out there who once dreamed of recording their own songs and becoming a world class artist. Other than being a YouTube sensation, you can now fulfill your lifelong “American Idol” or “X Factor” dream with an app called Songify.

Free for  devices

From the developer of Magic Piano and Sing! Join the Global Karaoke Party! which the Applatter team has already presented, here’s another app by Smule which will magically turn your speech into your desired music.

Are you familiar with the musical group called The Gregory Brothers? Well, today must be your lucky day since I’ll share a bit of information behind the success of this group and how were they connected with the Songify app.

The Gregory brothers are a US musical group which consists of Evan, Michael and Andrew. Their unique musical styling and comic rapport was largely formed when the three brothers began making foolish mix-tapes in their living room way back when they were still cute little babies. In 2007, the brothers have collaborated with a Texas lass which was Evan’s wife named Sarah and together they are still called The Gregory Brothers, yet with one girl. With their mutual musical senses, they have decided to make their own wildly YouTube viral video series, “Auto-Tune the News” in the year 2008. Luckily, their hit “” was the first YouTube video to make it to the list of the Billboard Hot 100. Proudly, they have collaborated with some famous singers such as T-Pain, Weezer, Joel Madden, Tosh.O, Adidas, NPR, Sony Electronics, Chiptotle, The Cleveland Show and The 83rd Annual Academy Awards. In addition to their success, they were also proud winners of three Webby Awards and two Comedy Awards.

With all of these things that happened to their lives, The Gregory Brothers are still hanging on their mission to combine music, technical savvy and humor to reach to their million fans worldwide.

Apart from their widely known series, “Auto Tune the News” which recorded voices of politicians, news anchors and other political icons which digitally manipulates their voices into a song, The Gregory Brothers have expanded their horizons to creating other genres of Auto-tuned songs and dubbed it as “Songify This.”

Because of their Auto-Tune trademark, The Gregory Brothers have released an app called Songify which allows users to turn their speech into a song. Songify, developed by Smule, is a free app which allows you to record anything — a headline, a news clip, a poem and any form of speech you can think of — into your Android device and magically, it will create an auto-tuned song with your own words. How cool is that, huh?

As Michael Gregory answered in the Mashable interview, “Because they’re always asking us, ‘How can I do this, too? Like when I see a Double Rainbow, I want to scream out in joy, but that won’t make it into a song. How do I do that?’ So now we’re able to interact with them and give them the opportunity to do that.”

Songify Features

√ Turn your speech into music

√ Share your music creations via Facebook, Email and Twitter

√ Choose from a limited collection of backing track styles

How will you Songify?

Songify will not make it hard for you to achieve your desired music. It is a simple app which Auto-tunes your voice in the style of your chosen backing track. As funny as it may seem, it magically transforms your voice into a song. So how can you do this?

Tap on your Songify’s central button and say some words or even a poem that you personally wrote for your crush. I guess that would be more interesting, isn’t it? Afterwards, the app simply converts your words or speech into the one which suits your chosen backing track music. In this way, the app will fit your words to your chosen backing track music which will result into a flawless sound just like a real music which you can hear over the radio or even on iTunes! Sounds cool, right?

There are only three or four backing track styles included in this app. Yet if you wish to choose from more styles, you can download separately via in-app purchasing which may cost you so much. The songs in the app are separated into different genres such as What’s Hot, Rap Songs, Gregory Brother’s Hits, Club Beats, Rock, Pop, Country and Comedy.

Other than the large speaker icon in the middle of your screen, you can also find three icons below: Rainbow, Guy with Glasses and W!

Tapping on the rainbow icon allows you to listen to all the songs which you have recorded in the past. However, the guy with the glasses icon takes you to all the songs or backing track styles which you can get for free or purchase them using your in-game coins. While the W! icon refers to “Winning!” which shows you the five popular and latest “Songified” tracks.

The trick is: Tap on the large speaker icon to record, speak, tap again to stop and Songify will do the rest for you. After which, you can save it on your phone, set it as a ringtone or even share it to your friends via Facebook, Twitter or Email. If you want another beat, you can tap on “re-songify” and choose from the collection of backing track styles available on the app. Not to mention, you can name your own music creation!

Kirsten Loves

The idea of this app is simply amazing and insanely fun! It has a simple work which transforms your speech into a music with your desired backing track style. For free, this app has an appealing, stunning graphics and cool user interface. The app is incredibly easy to use which you can instantly make your own music anytime, anywhere. What I love most is that you can listen to other tracks made by other Songify users and you can also share it with your online friends on Facebook, Twitter or Email.

Kirsten: The Frustrated Singer!

I’ve watched some of the Gregory Brothers’ Songify This online and I must say it was very funny and cool! Even some stars like Ellen Degeneres and Kirsten Bell has their own version of Songify!

All in all, this app is for pure fun and entertainment. Yet, if you are a frustrated singer like me, then you must try composing your own song or even start from writing a poem. With this in hand, Songify will do the trick for you. Who knows, you might be the next singing superstar! You can also use this app for campaign, gift or a surprise for your loved one, right? That would be really sweet and cool!

If you’re intrigued and you’re craving for more details about this app, why not watch the video below and !

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