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Instant music search and discovery with SoundHound.

You were walking at the mall with your friends, giggling and catching up with each other. It’s been decades since you’ve last seen each other. At the peak of your stories, suddenly your favorite song when you were in high school played! Thrilled by the thought and memories of that song, you and your friends sang as the music played: “Can you tell me how can one miss what she’s never had, 
How could I reminisce when there is no past. How could I have memories of being happy with you boy, Could someone tell me how can this be?” For some strange reason, one of you asked, “What’s the title of that song again?” Instantly, everybody went, “I know that song! Wait, it’s at the tip of my tongue.” Perhaps, “I know her, the girl with the curly hair who sang Officially Missing You!”

Most of the time, getting the Last Song Syndrome would be the most contagious illness you could ever encounter. You could be insane trying your very best to sing the song all over again just to figure out the title or perhaps the singer/band. Or worse, you can’t sleep and be bothered all day not until you figured it out yourself.

Get rid of the the Last Song Syndrome trouble as today, this app review will present an app which will save your memory gap moments with an app called SoundHound.

Available for and devices (free)

Let the sound searching begin after the cut.

The Applatter team has presented other apps which are dedicated to those music enthusiasts and Applatter readers out there. Yokee will instantly turn your iPhone into a microphone as you sing the karaoke together with your friends. Songify can magically transform your speech into your desired music. While Sing Something will add fun to your reunion as each team will let the opposing team guess the song by humming. We don’t stop with those music apps yet!  We’ve presented a lot more and to add to the music app collection, SoundHound will fill up the roster of the music wonder apps available for your Smartphones.

SoundHound, developed by SoundHound Inc., is a free music application for both iOS and Android devices which allows its users to make music search and discovery easier and more convenient. The basic idea of this app is to help music buffs who are either in trouble or in a dilemma of what the title of the song, the singer or even find out the latest songs of his/her favorite artist. With SoundHound, your Last Song Syndrome will never be a problem anymore. You’ll also be updated with the latest songs which topped this week’s Billboard Hit Chart.


√ What’s that Song?

SoundHound won’t make you go crazy finding out the singer or the title of the song. You can simply put it in front of the radio/speaker as it plays the song. You can also sing or even hum the song. Either way, SoundHound will solve your problem instantly. Being true to its mission, it is definitely the World’s Fastest Music Recognition.

Voice Search

If you know already the title or the artist of the song, then key in your query for faster results! If you’re too lazy to type in your search, tap on that microphone button and simply say what you’re looking for.

√ Live Lyrics

Aside from being aware of the artist, title or album of the song, you can also have an access to its lyrics! Sing the song like you knew the lyrics all along when the lyrics move in sync with the music.

√ SoundHound Player

You can save all your queries and favorite songs in your SoundHound Player. It is an integrated iPod and online music search while having an access to the live lyrics on your playlist.

√ Discovery

Be updated on the hottest songs which are topping the hit charts. With SoundHound’s Hottest Music Discovery, you’ll be aware of what’s hot and even explore songs which are not yet played on the radio. That’s one amazing way to find new music, right?

√ Share

If you just can’t get enough of that song and you would love your friends to love it as well, share it over Facebook, Twitter or Email! You can also bookmark or download your favorite song on iTunes.

Kirsten Loves

I love how this awesome app eliminates our Alzheimer’s disease stage for a few minutes when we’re really lost and can’t figure out the song that we last heard. The app is simple, slick, organized and very easy to use. So for emergency cases, SoundHound is a perfect app to run to which will instantly solve our music dilemmas in life. I also admire the cool features of the app which matches a music buff’s need. Mostly, this app caters to those teenagers who consists more than half of today’s generation. For teenagers, it is important that they are being entertained by something which they can use easily. Their attention span may be short so the app should catch their interest instantly. With this, I think that SoundHound suits well these teenagers. Among the cool features of the app, I think I love every detail of it: voice-enabled search, live lyrics, music recognition, hottest music and even the share options via social networking sites. Considering it’s free, it is very timely for today’s youth which are very into music since most of them have their own iPod, iPhone and Android devices.

Let the Search Begin!

Personally, I would find myself being a victim of this Last Song Syndrome. Just as I was writing this app review, I even ask my friend about the title of the song because I knew she sang it before when we had our dinner. It took us minutes to figure out the song by just describing to her that she sang it like this when we were eating with our friends. And after that, she told me the title which saved us both. Honestly, my memory is sharp when it comes to people, events or dates. My friends will initially ask me when they forgot the date of an event that we went to. Take note, I even remember what we’re wearing! That’s how sharp my memory is. On the bad side of things, I am not good with the title and artist of the songs but for some odd reason, I can easily memorize the lyrics of the song even if I heard it for the first time. I am weird, I know.

Just like the other people who are music buffs, who can’t live a day without listening to the latest songs or even their favorite tracks, yet for some special moments will be hit by this epidemic and contagious, Last Song Syndrome, SoundHound could be our best bud from now on. This could come as handy as ever even if it requires an internet or a WiFi for us to use it. For five minutes or less, this app will deliver accurate results and saves us from having headaches!

Are you on for the latest music search that is happening worldwide? Let’s all make music search and discovery accurate, fast and easy as we download SoundHound for both and devices for free!

For ad-free and unlimited tagging, you can also try SoundHound ($6.99) for and devices.

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SoundHound: Last Song Syndrome
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