Spotted: Top 5 Weird Apps

There is an app for everything available on the and  but they have some odd stuff too. Really odd stuff. If we sift through these sites, we’ll  find apps that tackle a variety of peculiar things, from voodoo to rolling toilet paper to baby shaking and even plucking an unwanted hair.

And no, I’m not kidding. Fasten your seat belts as I provide you a round up of my top 5 weird apps. So, get ready to dip your toe into the world of the unusual and weird apps!

1. Honey It’s Me!

Perhaps most of the people looking for somebody to love believe that they’ve been searching in all the wrong places. Now, you don’t have to look further, or rather, you don’t need to keep on chasing pavements. You just have to drop by the iPhone App Store (seriously).

Savvy South Korean programmers have released this one of a kind iPhone app called ““ that gives lonesome cell phone owners frequent messages from a so-called “digital girlfriend” named Mina.

According to Kim Yoon-Kak, head of Nabix, he created this app for this reason: “I’ve developed this application to console people for their loneliness. Mina represents a new step in virtual girlfriends, but she’s hardly man’s first attempt at crafting a digital paramour.”

The “” app is not free, it sells for about $1.99. It offers four daily video calls from a winsome 20-something pretty model who has recorded 100 messages, including “Are you still sleeping? Time for breakfast!” and “Good night, sweet dreams”. Once you utilize this app, expect to receive three or four calls from Mina every day. Your phone conversation with her can also be recorded and you can re-watch it at the gallery anytime. Furthermore, developers of the app even plans to launch English, Chinese and Japanese versions of this.

Strange as it sounds but if you’re up for some “virtual” relationship and you somehow seek an antidote to your wintertime lonely blues, then this app definitely can help you ease it.

Download  for $1.99 on the.

2. iFart Mobile

Apparently, the name of this app already gives you that ridiculous idea of what it is all about and trust me, this sounds gross but definitely doesn’t inflict that stinky smell.

iFart Mobile also known as the “Rolls Royce of fart apps” is a puerile app that transforms your iPhone or iPod touch into a virtual fart machine. With an array of stinky 30 fart effects to choose from in which the names are made creative too like  ’Jack the Ripper’, ‘Bye Granny’, ‘Bombardier’ and ‘Fly By’, you’ll surely never miss anything to use for good laughs and enjoyment. I’m also  pretty sure that others would want to use this as a tool for some pranks.

The app’s distinct feature is that users can use push notifications to get farts even when they’re not actually using it. Other cool features are the sneak attack and the security fart. The security fart feature gives you five seconds to put you iPhone or iPod Touch on a flat surface and when your device is moved, it will make that “fart” sound. Just opposite it is the sneak attack that lets you set a countdown timer to play the bum-whistle when it finally reaches zero. Other cool features of this app is that you can also send farts to your peers via email and actually record a fart through “Record-a-Fart”. However, the latter only support one fart recording. Despite this little drawback, iFart Mobile is still an exemplary entertaining, pastime app that will surely crack you up.

 is available in a free version and an ad-free ProVersion for $1.99 on and .

3. Hold On!

Are you up for a challenge to see how long you can hold the button? Then this app is definitely for you!

 by IMAK Creations is a productivity app that tests your perseverance and concentration skills. With this app, you’re obliged to just press and hold the only button on the screen for as long as you can. The timer will measure your endurance levels as this app records how long you’ve held onto the button and even shows your progress down to the millisecond. Sounds like a torture? But for others, it’s undeniably fun!

The simple concept of the app will definitely drive you crazy as playing this can give you the combined effect of  frustration and fascination roll into one. It doesn’t just give you some thrill but at the same time, it can quite agonize you.

This may not be the most stimulating game out there but nevertheless, what’s appealing about this app is that you can enhance your perseverance and develop your concentration skills. Now, that’s something to look forward to.

 is available for free on the.

4. Bubble Wrap

I know for sure that a lot of people likes popping the bubble wrap. I myself is eternally fascinated with this. But nowadays, it’s rare to see goods that are packed with bubble wrap. But lo and behold, Waterflea just made an application that simulates a sheet of bubble wrap. Yes, you heard it right!

Touted as the original and the best, Bubble Wrap is a simple gaming app that displays an image of a sheet of plastic wrap with 39 bubbles that are begging to be popped. This a fast-paced and fun game where you must try to pop as many as you can in just a given time of 45 seconds.

The only catch:  The bubbles you’ve already popped will spontaneously re-inflate that comes up with some good sound effects when the bubbles pop and refill with air, triggering more of your adrenaline rush. Albeit the fact that it’s plain simple & short-lived, you still can never resist the app as it will keep you wildly stabbing at the screen without you even noticing it. Unfortunately, this app only has a ”timed game” that’s quite disappointing if you like to pop bubbles without feeling rushed. It’s recommendable if the developers will set up a freestyle mode.

Surely, this is an environmental friendly way to do what you really wanted to do with bubble wraps: POP IT! Pop as long as you like!

You can pop more when you download  for free on the . Happy Popping!

5. Peepers

Peepers, developed by Charles Viracola, is simply an app that’s not meant for paranoids. This is a creepy app with a set of bare eyeballs that follow the user’s finger around the screen. With an iPhone or iPod Touch’s built-in altimeter, these peepers will also move in whatever direction you move the device. Now, that’s really weird!

The app is so real looking it will freak everybody out! Go try this app just for kicks.

Peepers currently sells for $1.99.

There you have it. I hope these eccentric applications could somehow pique your interest. They maybe an outcast from the realm of  the ordinary apps and not one of those most dynamic or intellectual apps, but these apps are surely brain-meltingly addicting. More so, some of them can be useful at given circumstances such as pastime and the like.

Now, try on these apps and you’ll never know, you might enjoy it all the way. Besides, they aim to please. Happy playing! :)

If you know some other weird apps, feel free to comment below.

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Spotted: Top 5 Weird Apps
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