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On July 26, 2012
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SushiChop is a slicing game that's eerily similar to Fruit Ninja. The free app is available for iOS and Android users, so fans of the slicing game genre may want to give it a try.

If you liked Fruit Ninja, you will probably love SushiChop. (Though I have to say there is something disturbing about your fondness for wielding Japanese weapons.)

SushiChop’s developer, Rogue Rocket Games, probably thought that, since Fruit Ninja is an ever-popular and addictive game that involves quick swipes of fingers, they might as well jump on the bandwagon and start a genre of apps that essentially all look the same.

Now don’t get me wrong. I like sushi and seafood as much as the next guy, but this app just leaves a lot to be desired.


This slicing game lets you, as the name implies, chop up fish in a sushi restaurant. You simply need to quickly chop the fish thrown in the air while avoiding all the rotten fish. The chopped fish turn into trays of sushi, and accumulating a number of sushi trays will let you progress to the next wave. With the wide assortment of fish, you get to see different sumptuous sushi that you unfortunately cannot touch. Like all games, things get progressively harder as you pass each level.

The way the fish are tossed, you’d think they’re just giving away uncooked food for free.

SushiChop’s Big Three

Just like Fruit Ninja, SushiChop presents us with three different modes of gameplay.

SushiChop – This mode lets you slice random fish as they are thrown in the air.
SushiMaster – Create your own sushi dishes as ordered. You will need to slice the right fish!
SushiKids – Bah, it’s Kiddie mode. Fish are bigger and they are tossed much slower.

The Downside

Though the graphics is decent and the sound is great, this app runs with the likes of Fruit Ninja and the other slicing-Japanese games available for Android. It also allows for in-app purchases, so this is a freemium app that will annoy inexperienced gamers with frequent ads and on-screen prompts to upgrade. It also goes without saying that whenever I close my eyes, I get the feeling that I’m playing Fruit Ninja with different sounds.

If you’re used to the numerous slicing games that litter the app market, then go ahead and try this out!


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Chop Fish with SushiChop!
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