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Share a ride, save the environment and meet new people with carpooling.co.uk!

I guess most of us travel everyday: work, school, meeting or event. At times, we just need to accomplish some errands or just get a life to kill the boredom at home. It won’t be much of a hassle when you have your own car, right? Hence, taking a bus, a train or a cab might be a bit expensive especially when we need to go to a distant place or to three different places in just one day. We get to spend a lot of money, isn’t it? Well, if you’re living in Europe or you’re an alien trying to uncover the beauty of such place, then you might want to save up and lessen your expenses as you travel. This app review will introduce the latest Europe travel buddy with a ride sharing app called !

Free for

is a free Android application which allows you to cut off your expenses, save the environment and meet new people. The idea behind this app is quite simple: click a vehicle heading to your destination, ride and save money. Any user has an access to locate her current location and to where she is going. After which, she can view those available car pools which are synonymous with where she’s heading to and ride on to her desired carpool. To add to the convenience, you can see the people who are riding in as well. This app is loaded with cool features listed below:


√ Easily insert bookable carpools

√ Intuitive messaging system for driver-passenger communication

√ Push-notification for fast responses

√ Price recommendations

√ Practical geo-localization

√ Easy overview and management of listings

√ Book trips directly from the app and pay online

√ Detailed driver and passenger profile such as picture, ratings, car type, activity index and a lot more

√ Detailed search options

√ Meeting points displayed via Google Maps

Will you hitch with me?

For the past few months that I’ve written app reviews, this app is definitely one of the unique ones! A ride sharing travel app which doesn’t only lessen your expenses but you can also save your gas as you help take care of the environment. How cool is that, huh? The simple yet cute and colorful interface adds to the whole look of one interesting app. It is very user-friendly and it is loaded with great features. I love the idea of the app which allows the users to share a ride, win a friend and save the environment! This app really amazes me! Considering it’s free, this app is highly recommended if you have plans of traveling to Europe or if you’re already living in Europe.

Are you on for the road trip of your life? Watch the video below and take a hitch with !

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