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Travel and explore the Philippines with these Four Filipino Apps for Your Android.

To all movie buffs out there, you still might have your hangover with the action-packed film The Bourne Legacy as Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner) and Dr. Marta Shearing (Rachel Weisz) got you thrilled over their chase scene down the road, don’t you? Avid fans have followed ‘Jason Bourne’ through Zurich, Paris, Mykonos, Berlin, Goa, Moscow, Tangiers, Madrid, London and New York City. The movie has almost traveled the world but this time, the fourth installment of the ‘Bourne’ sequel has now brought you to the streets of Manila!

Other than The Bourne Legacy, there are various other Hollywood films which have shot in the Philippines as well. Now, why did they choose Philippines? Intrigued? Well, I don’t have the answers to your queries but I am here to suggest that you travel and explore the Philippines by yourself or with your friends and family, the better. If you’re having plans of visiting the Philippines soon, then this app review will make sure that you won’t be lost in the middle of nowhere as I present Four Filipino Apps for Your Android!

Traveling in a place you’re not familiar with is kind of freaky, right? Well, you need not to be anxious when you have your Smartphone and some of these apps which will take you to the right place.

Talk Filipino (Free)

Mabuhay! Welcome to the Philippines! 

Communication is very important when you travel in an alien country or city. Ever wondered how will you be able to understand and talk to the Filipinos?

Developed by is an Android app which allows its users to learn the basics of the Filipino language from the basics, numbers to travel.


√ Pre-selected essential phrases

√ Clear audio recordings of a native guy in the Philippines

√ With text output of the translated word or phrase

√ Organized in three categories: Basics, Numbers, Travel

√ Works offline

√ No internet connection required

√ SD Supported

The app simply shows a handful of common words, phrases or sentences used in daily conversation. As you tap on each button, an audio recorded voice of a native speaker will sample how Filipinos normally pronounce such word, phrase or sentence. Along with the audio voice, an equivalent Filipino word will be flashed at the top of your screen as you try saying it by yourself.

Kirsten Loves

I love the objective of the app which is mainly for teaching foreign tourists the Filipino language. The audio recording and the text of the translated word, phrase or sentence is really helpful.

Kirsten Wants

Along with the great idea and useful features of the app, how I wish that users are able to search for their own queries. In addition, a wider collection of word, phrase or sentence should be included, not just the common ones. The whole look of the app will be loved by the users if the layout will be more colorful and brighter. Agree?

All in all, this free app with a limited collection of words is still a must-try if you want to know the basics of the Filipino language.


MRT-LRT Train Station Guide

One of the most used transportations in the Philippines, aside from Jeepney and Tricycle, is the train station. MRT and LRT train stations are much like subways in other countries. In the Philippines, it is the fastest way a Filipino can travel around Metro Manila yet it is the cheapest and the most crowded mode of transportation you can ever experience.

Developed by ISTA (Innovative Systems & Technology Alliance), is a free Android app where users can track all the stations of LRT 1, LRT 2 and MRT 3.


√ Organized list of stations

√ Brief description about the stations

√ Maps with a brief description of landmarks

The app simply shows a brief and informative description about the different stations in Metro Manila. Once you tap on LRT 1, the list of stations in this railway will be flashed accordingly. Tapping again on a specific station will provide you with information such as Station Name, Description, City, Address and Transportation Links.

Kirsten Loves

Yes, the objective of the app is to guide the travelers and commuters to the train stations. Giving them a brief description about it may be a bit helpful as it may seem.

Kirsten Wants

Despite the fact that the app’s idea is great, I think that it needs some improvement especially on its interface. As you can see on the screenshot, the design is yes simple, but it needs a pinch of creativity. Well, even though its free, users will enjoy using this app if it has cute icons, graphics of train perhaps or a more appealing illustration of the train stations. Along with the design, this app would have been better if more information such as pricing of tickets, the volume of people and real time schedule will be added. Agree?

You might still want to give this free app a try if you’re not picky when it comes to design. The app is definitely useful when it comes to train station guide, literally.


Travel Guide Philippines

If you’ll travel the Philippines for the first time and you have no idea where to go, then this app could be your tour guide.

Developed by CCSAD, is a free Android app which showcases the famous tourist spots, in the Philippines of course.

This app could be your ordinary travel guide with name, brief description and an appealing photo of the place. Basically, that’s it.

Kirsten Loves

Yes, the idea is there which is to help the users especially foreigners to get to know more about the Philippines and some of its world renowned tourist spots.

Kirsten Wants

With its great idea, comes great responsibility. Sounds like Spiderman, huh? Kidding aside, the app could have been cool if there is added information such as categories, how to get there, activities, beaches and resorts, price lists and many more. Also, the app needs a bit of tweaking since when I tried it, it goes directly to the locations as you can see on the screenshot. When you tap on the Back button, it will proceed to the next location. I guess that’s not how it should be. A bit of work on the user interface as well.

Hence, why don’t you try and learn more about the tourist spots in the Philippines?



The name of the app says it all.

Locate anything instantly!

If you’re a newbie and you simply can’t think of where to eat, shop, pamper and anything you can think of under the sun, Locate is the app for you!

Developed by Smart Communications Inc., is a free Android app which allows its users to look for anything and get results in just a snap.


√ Browse anything from restaurants, stores, gas stations, ATMs

√ Voice enabled search

√ Filter search results

√ View ratings, menus, maps and more

Locate has partnered with the best search portals in the Philippines to bring you accurate results instantly. If you want to order a pizza, find the nearest restaurant and even grab the number of your friend, Locate can do the work for you. What’s more interesting with this app is the voice enabled search. Just click the microphone icon, say your query and in a few minutes, results will be displayed  in an organized manner.

Kirsten Loves

This app has cool features! What I love most is the voice enabled search and the Find Me feature. Locate automatically identifies where you are. You can see it at the bottom bar of your screen. This app is simply accurate and that’s a good factor!

Kirsten Wants

Locate needs a bit of improvement in the user interface since the black background looks dull for me. The overall look of the app would be more presentable if it has a colorful design and cute icons. I’m just suggesting!

Hence, this app is definitely a must-try! Experience the fast and accurate results of Locate.


Kirsten: The Traveler

These apps won’t cost you a penny and wouldn’t hurt your wallets, right? Why not give it a try? For sure, you’ll enjoy your stay in the Philippines as much as you enjoy the convenience that these apps can bring to your life! This just proves how talented and creative Filipinos are. Agree? I bet you’ll say, ‘It’s More Fun in the Philippines!’

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Talk, Commute, Travel and Locate: Four Filipino Apps for Your Android
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