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On October 9, 2012
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Test your wits and logic with this mind-boggling Android app called Matchstick Puzzles.

Here’s another mind-blowing brain exercise that will surely keep you busy for hours. This Android application from TACOTY PH Play is specifically designed for all gamers who adore and are addicted to puzzles and brainteasers. Are you one of them? Do you think you can successfully solve the puzzles in this mind-boggling app? Well, before you take the plunge please hear my friendly advice first. Lavinia wants to say, “Good luck!”

Try and Try Until You Succeed!

Behold, will definitely challenge your analytical thinking. This cool app is composed of 50 levels with 5 initial free hints. The rule of the game is to solve each puzzle or matchstick pattern according to the instructions given. You can either remove or move the required number of matchsticks in order to provide the correct solution and come up with the needed pattern. This app somehow uses a trial and error type of strategic method as you are given with unlimited chances or trials to solve each puzzle. But, if you really can’t seem to provide the right answer, you can definitely opt for a hint.

Amazing Features

☼ It has grid style puzzles.
☼ It offers 5 free hints but you can purchase for more when necessary.

☼ 4 hints for $ 1.29
☼ 8 hints for $ 1.99
☼ 18 hints for $ 2.99

☼ It is packed with 50 daunting puzzles as of the present, but more levels will be added soon.

Pros and Cons

If you are looking for extraordinary ways to spend your free time, I suggest you download and play this exciting application. The puzzles presented in each level are not as easy as you think. They are purposely created in a manner that will surely test your logical thinking and level of intelligence. On the other hand, only 5 free hints are provided in the entire game. So, if you ran out of “help options” you will need to shell out some hard-earned cash.

The Verdict

Matchstick Puzzles is undeniably an addicting and entertaining game app. I had fun exploring all the possibilities just to solve each level. After playing this game, I have realized that this app really requires your brain cells and full attention. My final thoughts? Indeed, Matchstick Puzzles is a must-try app.

Wait no more, so download it now!

Watch the video below if you want to have a glance first of this app:

Speak out! Just for fun: How many puzzles can you solve without using any hints?

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Test Your Logic with Matchstick Puzzles
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