Test Your Reflex with Fingers vs Knife 3D!

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On November 5, 2012
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Control a hovering knife to land on the spaces between (your) hand! Lose focus and risk losing a finger.

If losing your composure is a social no-no in your standards, then you should never play this game by Tacoty out in public. Believe me, the first few tries of the game is a sure fire scream and wince fest! That said, I now dare you to toughen up and try your luck with this casual game without so much as moving a single muscle on your face!

Kidding aside, 3D is a free Android app with a simple gameplay that can either challenge the beejesus out of you or defeat the remaining courage in your system.

When you have a lot of time in your hands to do nothing, trying out this free Android game might give your life a miniature boost. It’s not so much a blockbuster kind of app but it can get there with the right set of people who had too much coffee. Seriously, this app is some sort of a tension-builder but is far off on the border line of being scary. Long story short, it’s worth a try and it makes me think that I have OCD.


Definitely an easy one to understand but is harder to execute. Basically, there’s a left hand on your screen with its fingers spread out on a table. Then to your right, a sharp-edged knife hovers over the hand and its the players discretion when to tap on the knife to make it land on the spaces between the fingers. If you’ve successfully retained the well-being of the hand by controlling the knife perfectly, it will go back for vengeance as it will come from your left with an umped up speed. Yeah, goodluck focusing on that.

The game is endless so you won’t be passing any levels whatsoever but you can unlock game items as you ride the gist of it. So far, the highest I’ve reached is 8 successful lands so no bonus anything for me! Reaching a specific number of knife lands can earn you a new medium of inflicting pain on your virtual hand like a pen or a knife of another kind.


It’s great and it’s definitely HD. However, it has that cartoon-y feel that doesn’t make me think that its my hand. Nonetheless, players would still want to guard that ill-fated hand whether it belongs to a man or woman.

Save The Hand!

I’ve had fun playing this game since my cousins and I joke about the real thing when were kids. This morbid games are seen in movies way back when. With prisoners betting on someone to get stabbed or lose a finger and all that bloody stuff. is absolutely staying on my phone. This can be a great dare for my cousins and friends!

But wait, there’s something that ticks me off a little bit. The game loads very slowly. I don’t know if it’s just on my device or what. And this is most definitely not a game that should be played by kids! Just like my cousins and I, kids may copy this on their own hand! So, be careful.

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Test Your Reflex with Fingers vs Knife 3D!
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