The BeaverKarts Fever

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On March 5, 2013
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BeaverKarts by Rust0 is the latest game app that will take you into a nonstop adventure with a customized kart.

Do you consider yourself as one of the coolest people on the planet? I think this is the right time to reweigh your postulation because there is a Beaver in the valley who performs spectral activities. Sounds cool for you? Stunts, tricks, and flips—I bet some would claim that it’s just a piece of cake. The Beaver can do those things to a greater degree with the help of a customized kart. The question is, are you ready to challenge the hunky dory Beaver?

BeaverKarts by Rust0 is the latest game app that will take you into a nonstop adventure with a customized kart. Do twists and tricks before the oil in your kart runs out. BeaverKarts is equipped with loads of challenges that you have to complete to move to the next level. If you think it’s simple, well I challenge you to play the game.

- Free to play
- Score insane combos
- Customize your own Kart!
- Weekly tournaments
- Simple two button tilt controls




BeaverKarts’ gameplay is nothing like the endless runner apps that we download in the market. You will need to execute the challenges presented in each level to move to the next level. It might sound simple but you have to know that there are elements in the game that will make this simple instruction seem risky.

The controls are rather intricate. You need to blend them correctly so the kart will not shatter. If you put too much pressure on each control, the kart will have a greater chance of crashing that will automatically waste your precious time in the game.

The run time is based on the oil of the kart. Once the oil runs out, the game will be over. You have to complete the challenges as soon as the game starts to move on to the next level.

The challenges vary in every level– they get tad complicated yet fun. The challenges consist of perfect landing, wheelies, and tricks that you have to perform simultaneously in a level. The tricks can be chosen from front flips and back flips that might sound easy for some; trust me, it’s not. You need to have the right steering and wait for the right moment to finish the trick.

Do You Have the BeaverKarts fever?

No, this is not about the enslavement towards the young male pop star. We are talking about the Beaver in the valley who is the star of this game. I guess that’s the fever that I have, BeaverKarts fever! BeaverKarts challenges users to a different level. Sometimes I even feel a slight distress after grasping the misused time and the challenges that I still can’t perform.

My first attempt was rather infuriating. I even asked my friends to help me move to the next level. After a couple (or more) tries, you will get used to the controls and learn the right techniques to perform the challenge. Patience is the key, so just try your best and you’ll eventually get a hang of the game.

Will I recommend this game? Yes! It is a fun game that will make you test your patience and getting the right techniques in order to win the game. Plus, it is a free app, so there is nothing to lose. Just make sure that you are doing it on your free time, or else you’ll lose track of the things that you are supposed to do just by playing BeaverKarts.

BeaverKarts can be downloaded from the  for free.

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The BeaverKarts Fever
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