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On September 20, 2012
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Test your wits and skills with this mind-rocking game application called iMind Games.

Are you up for a fun and mind-blowing brain exercise? Did I hear you say “Yes”? That’s good! Behold, in this Android app review I will introduce to you another one-of-a-kind game application that will surely make those brain cells work. Intrigued? Well, let’s start then.

iMind Games

Presenting iMind Games

, developed by XIMAD, is specifically designed for those people who are madly addicted to brain teasers, riddles, and puzzles. When you play this addicting and mind-rocking application, you are expected to use your brain—A LOT, so you better prepare yourself as you will solve a number of tricky puzzles. This app will surely test how good you are when it comes to creating perfect strategies and using strong critical thinking.


  • This app is packed with 17 different types of puzzles of varying difficulty levels.
  • It has over 180 exciting, unpredictable, and non-trivial levels.
  • It presents only the most fascinating puzzles. Some of which are derived from the popular and well-loved childhood games namely Fifteen and Reversi.

Friendly Reminders

  • iMind Games is cited as a game application intended for smart people only. If you feel like you have a brain that works like Einstein’s, Bobby Fisher’s, Paul Allen’s or the other smart people across the globe, then this game is definitely for you. But personally, I believe that this game can be played by anyone—whether you have an IQ of more than 120 or not. I think game applications are created to entertain us anyway, right?
  • If you are having troubles already in the second level of the game, then don’t blame it on the bugs. According to its developer, the second level is working well. If you fail to solve the puzzle, though, just keep pressing the left-top reset button 100 times in order for you to skip that level. Try it!

The Verdict

I find iMind Games as an amusing and a nerve-racking game. I haven’t personally tried this app yet so I can’t discuss with you as of the moment the thrilling levels or head cracking puzzles presented in the app. More so, I cannot tell you the possible solutions for those perplexing brain teasers. For now, based on the reviews I’ve seen I can safely say that this app has a very appealing graphic design, intriguing music, and enthralling levels that will surely capture your interest and heart. iMind Games will surely capture the attention of its users, people of all ages that is—children, teens, and adults.

Go, take the challenge and let the fun begin! Download on your Android device now for free.

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The Challenge: Play iMind Games
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One comment on “The Challenge: Play iMind Games

  1. I have been looking for some challenging puzzles games since I played The Heist. Well my friend recommended this one to me an I love it. This game actually give you more instructions than The heist but not so much that it gives the game away. Believe me, these game are not easy by any means, but if you take the time to figure them out they are quite fun! I wish that people would give this game a fair chance when they rate it an not count it out just because it difficult.

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