The Trending Gangnam Style Horse Dance

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On September 12, 2012
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Show some swag on and teach me how to Gangnam Style Horse Dance this time, a free app by Mogle.


If you think a lot of people had enough displaying their booty dance step dancing Teach Me How to Dougie, better think again. Show some swag on and teach me how to this time, a free app by Mogle. This year, Gangnam Style is one of the hottest and most viewed k-pop video all over the web flaunting its outstanding horse dance step which dominated the globe in just a short period of time.

F.I.I. (For Instant Information)

The word “Gangnam” is one of the popular and affluent cities in Seoul, South Korea where lavish trendsetters are spotted. Just so you know, the genius artist behind the viral video is no other than Park Jae-Sang or commonly known as PSY. He is the astounding performer and a South Korean rapper from YG Entertainment, one of the leading record label and talent agency in South Korea alongside the other famous artist like Big Bang, 2ne1, and Seven.

Psy has been recognized by people for his various entertaining videos and humorous stage performances. His recent Gangnam Style video is part of Psy’s Best Sixth that also features other videos such as Tree Frog, A Hot Hello, 77 Theories, What Should I Have Done?, and Never Say Goodbye.

Gangnam Style has been featured on several shows across many countries. The song does not only stop in Korea or Asia alone, it also garnered worldwide attention among other popular artist like Nelly Furtado and Britney Spears. Even T-Pain showed his interest on making collaboration with Psy as he responded to one of his tweet. Further, Gangnam Style Psy was included by Scooter Braun (Beiber’s Manager) on his Schoolboy Records.

One Canny App

The Gangnam Style Horse Dance is an app that demonstrates the very influential horse dance step of the video through four easy to follow illustrations.

Key Features:

  • How to Dance- illustrates the Gangnam Style dance steps such as The Sunglasses, The Horseback, The Cowboy, and The Finish with text dance tutorial plus song lyrics.
  • Music Videos- links Gangnam Style related videos like Gangnam Style M/V, Gangnam Style by Hyuna Released, YG and PSY Dance Choreography, B2STYLE Girls Dance Cover, Gangnam Style English Cover, and many more.
  • Character- meet the people behind the video like PSY, Hyuna, MC Yoo, Dr. No, Dancing Kid, and Women Dancers.

Note: The app works online that requires internet connection for video streaming.

The Final Gangnam Style

Honestly, I am a huge fan of k-pop especially if it is from YG family for they are my total bias. When I heard that oppa Psy is gaining global fame I was thrilled and over excited. Seeing their achievements makes me real proud so when I saw the app I instantly uploaded it. The popularity of Psy’s Gangnam Style is hastily expanding day by day and the society is appreciating the humor Psy is trying to show the public through his acclaimed Gangnam performances.

I’ve been seeing a lot of video parodies that are popping out of the web after the Gangnam video went viral and groups of people who wish to learn the horse and cowboy dance steps are rapidly growing. I thought that the Gangnam Style Horse Dance was one of the few apps with high potentials but it seems to look pointless when used. Upon browsing Gangnam Style, my expectations lowered and I was a bit disappointed because I assumed that the app will show users the dance moves in the video. There is not much to explore about the app though it is downloadable for free, it only link users to Gangnam related videos.  The developer of the app could have inserted easy to follow audio/video step by step tutorials and more interactive features to engage user to use the app.

If you are part of the Gangnam wave and an absolute fan of oppa Psy better check the app now.

Watch the Official Gangnam Style Video Here:

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The Trending Gangnam Style Horse Dance
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