The Twisted Fate of Mick and Ralph in Tongue Tied

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Tongue Tied features two adorable yet obtuse walking dogs named Mick and Ralph.

Can’t get enough of the Angry Birds craze? Are your fingers still itchy to fire up those fuming birds? Would you like to crash all those villainous pigs? If you think physics and platformer games is your expertise, better check Mojo Bones Ltd’s slingshot game called for only $1.99.

It’s been years since the release of Angry Birds, the phenomenal game that ever hit Android and iOS platforms. The success gave birth to other similar games with different approaches and concepts in which today’s android app review is also categorize.

Tongue Tied features two adorable yet obtuse walking dogs named Mick and Ralph. Never did I imagine- even in my wildest thoughts nor dream to tie in loops the tongue of my dogs because it will sure hurt them and that is totally inhumane. Given the fact that I am a dog lover, I believe that these canines are our best buddy ever and seeing them in pain is a crime. But that is the catch and quirky idea of the game, Mick and Ralph’s tongue are tied together. I must say that Mojo Bones is actually a clever team for coming up with a wayward idea. This is seriously an appealing and challenging game for players like me who are looking for thrilling dares. 

Well, I guess that is the purpose of the game on which both of them can only solve the predicament they are currently facing. You can glide them in circles, use either of the dogs as an anchor, fling and swing the dog while the other one is walking on platforms, or stick the dog’s head in mud (the deeper the better) to allow his partner swing naturally.  The aim of the game is for you to help them collect those yummy bone tokens and prevent them from hitting death-traps along the way.

Keep in mind that this is an auto-run platformer game and those two wandering dogs won’t stop from walking, so there is no other way for you but to manoeuvre them away from dangers such as bombs that will nastily blow their heads off.

This is a type of game that does not require updates because it comes with a complete package offering fifty (50) levels of jesting madness plus thirty (30) additional ventures to complete. There are also sixteen (16) game center achievements and one (1) leader board making it more enjoyable. Though it is like thrashing your head with a rock to resist Mojo Bones’ free updates bids to players. Who will reject FREE deals? Definitely not me!

Apparently, the game is too complex so I won’t say that this is just a piece of cake, expect conflicts and extended dilemmas during the course of the game. It uses a very familiar ranking system that will determine your efficiency. Same goes with the Olympics and any other tournament, players will receive a bronze once he or she fairly passes the game, silver for much better performance, and finally gold for being an almost impeccable and invincible player.

I know it is pretty easy to earn bronze but earning silver and gold is a sure pain in the neck. Just to elaborate what I am trying to explicate here, allow me to enlighten your minds with a little of the discoveries I found while playing the game.

If you want to achieve the silver rank, try to collect all of the bone tokens and see what happens next. But that is if you manage to gather all of the tokens while avoiding threatening traps in each level putting you from choosing between rewards or safety which is a tough decision.

On the other hand, netting gold is very taunting because you have to learn the tricks and smartness of the game. Being able to control Mick and Ralph from doing all the necessary movements just to succeed in the end is your dreadful mission here.

I guess the most important part of playing the game is how you use your wit since Tongue Tied requires a lot of tapping that might cause you to feel tedious and dog-tired. So strategizing is very vital because you cannot control the dogs from endless walking. You have to decide skilfully when to swipe or take a quick rest.   Even a blink of an eye might cause you to miss the mark especially if you are in the middle of attaining triumph.

2 Is Better Than 1

It is no doubt that Tongue Tied is an original and interesting game. Seeing tongue-tied dogs together is not a pleasant scene for me (even if they seem happy with the situation) but the impression it gave me is in fact positive. If you are going to measure the circumstance, they are actually trying to teach us proper teamwork though in the hardest manner. Winning is lonely if celebrated alone so it is better to share the victory with someone. No matter how hard their position is, they still have to help each other and utilize each other’s abilities sensibly.

The animated graphics and wacky sounds add an even amusing mood to the game. It also satisfies your hunt for a worthy and surprising adventure. However, despite the all the affirmative notes, there are also points to be improved such as unsolicited crashes that I often experience every time I pause the game and sudden chances like dropping the dog on his own creating commotion to both of them. Sometimes the game behaves on its own making me wonder what really happened- it is really frustrating at times.

Just like any other game, practice makes perfect, this is a trial and error game that allows players to repeat the level over and over again until they succeed. The only problem is, the repetitive gameplay tends to get boring. The mechanics which you think is simple is actually complicated. There are also instances where in I have to play the game on a smaller device with smaller screen limiting me from swiping the dogs causing me to fail the level. I think, this is one of the major flaws of Tongue Tied.

Watch Mick and Ralph’s Twisted Fate:

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The Twisted Fate of Mick and Ralph in Tongue Tied
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