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Review of: Tomb Slider
Sliding Puzzle Game:
Alawar Entertainment, Inc
Free / $1.99

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On September 11, 2012
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Have a sliding puzzle fun galore with Tomb Slider!

For those of you who like puzzle games, especially of the slider variety, then I dare you to try out a challenging ancient adventure puzzle!

Tomb Slider for iOS and Android

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Alawar Entertainment Inc. released a classic sliding puzzle game called Tomb Slider. It is a block- moving puzzle game that flexes your mental muscles and allows you to help an Incan warrior escape from hundreds of cleverly designed levels on his quest to reach the surface. There is a free version of the app available on the that lets you “test it before you buy it” and gives you a fair portion of the game from which you decide whether to avail the full version of it on the or not.


  • 360 puzzle levels
  • Four level packs of varying difficulty (including a kid’s pack)
  • Relax mode with no time limits
  • Stunning graphics and vibrant sound
  • iPhone and iPad support (Universal build)
  • iPhone 4 retina display support
  • Game Center leaderboard and achievements
  • OpenFeint support
  • More levels and cool features are coming soon!


The app takes the exact premise as the other slider puzzle games but what sets it apart from the rest  is the integrated weird story setup into it. Well, that’s something to look forward to but not necessarily since it doesn’t have anything to do with the gameplay per se. It’s too bad they didn’t take advantage of it, I mean, they could tweak on the gameplay better if they added some elements that’s based on the plot they’ve created. Anyhow, it’s really not something to whine about. Going back to the game, the setting is in a jungle of sort where an Aztec guy or the Incan warrior, so to speak, is accidentally buried, sealing him up with long stone slabs. Consequently, you have to set him free and extract him from his premature tomb.

There are two different types of game modes to choose from: Classic Mode allows you to race against the clock while Relaxed Mode lets you play at ease for it has no time limit for you to worry about. At present, the game is packed with a large amount of 360 cleverly designed levels for you to unlock and to feast on. The way of the gameplay is very easy and simple. Using your keen intellect, you just have to help the Incan warrior get out of the ancient tomb by swiping your finger on the screen to move the rocks that block the exit. The first few levels are easy to figure out though you are racing the clock to get the rocks off the exit and your rewards then will depend on your time and the number of move steps you made. Less time and steps will give you a high mark and once you have managed to get the tomb to the exit, you will then move on to the next stage. Apparently, each level is all the same in terms of manipulations.

As you progress through the game, it will make you scratch your head as the puzzles becomes gradually more difficult and complex. However, you are granted hints whenever you’ve collected 30 diamond stars and may use it if you get stuck on a certain level. And oh, this game also rewards you with trophies whenever you complete a chapter without using hints or simply earning your first star and among others. And like any other casual games, clearing each puzzle earns you three stars. So in addition to just finding the best solutions to the puzzle, you can also go back to the levels you’ve finished which absolutely gives you the chance to earn a better score and gives you the reason to play the levels all over again.

Challenging sliding puzzles in the succeeding levels ramps up in terms of the number and density of stone slabs. If things aren’t going particularly well that you get stuck in your moment of contemplation, a reset option is just a few taps away via the pause virtual button.

However, if you don’t feel like playing with the time or move tracker pressure, then this app lets you do so. If you just want a zen-like puzzle solving experience then you may opt to choose the Relaxed Mode (as aforementioned) that strips out both the metrics and  just allow you to play the game while you take your time. It still keep track of your moves and time you’ve consumed, mind you, but the good thing here is it doesn’t attach stars to it – so taking 30 seconds and 30 minutes playtime just gives the same result of your score.

OpenFeint support are employed in the game so you can compete with friends through achievements (in-game trophies) and leaderboards. And as I’ve mentioned earlier, free version is only limited to 6 levels, you can unlock additional chapters individually or the entire game through in-game purchases or avail the paid version via iTunes App Store.


This is one of those familiar gameplays with lots of puzzles to solve. It has several difficulty levels that would definitely keep you playing. The beautiful, eye-popping graphics and fun theme compliments each other. They are stunningly bright, well-detailed with some touch of intricary on it and very clear. The animations integrated in the app are an extra bonus for it adds a bit of decorative whimsy to it. The music also is fits the concept of the game with its flutes and drums sound effects. Overall, it has a slick interface with tons of content.


I have these minor issues regarding the app. For one thing, there’s this certain “ya-hoo” sound effect that I find somehow exasperating. Well, just a bit and it only comes whenever I’ve set free the Incan warrior. My other gripe probably is the text size of fonts that can be difficult to read at times. Besides that, as you’ll notice in the game, it doesn’t change its backdrop design. It would have been far better if the background or art assets change whenever you go through various levels just to break up the entire look even with just changing the rock you’re sliding around. Unfortunately everything looks similar level after level,  except from the challenges it  serves you and in the long run– even though you’re looking at the new puzzles – it feels like you’re just spinning your wheels a bit.

Bottom Line

Tomb Slider is not just an interesting game to play but it definitely attracts players with its impressive graphics and vibrant music soudntrack. This is one of those addictive games that can absolutely make you say “one more time” until you totally lose track of your time. It might not win as a revolutionary game but it can, without a doubt, keep players entertained for a long time with its breezy experience and plentiful supply of levels.

The Lite version is certainly worth the download via and if the price range is keeping you on the fence. However, you must be reminded that it’s only limited to 6 levels. Download the.

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