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In every travel abroad, one can’t possibly pass on the opportunity to try the local dishes. It’s part of the whole agenda alongside the amazing scenery and the feel of the foreign culture. As there are crazy and seemingly delusional snacks each country has to offer, it can definitely unleash one’s inner foodie or their bravery for that matter. But as there are those who’s up for anything, there are also those which are not too adventurous when it comes to their food.

Whether it’s because of medical reasons or just plain lack of bravado, eating well and eating deliciously should never be left out on your travel plans. So here are the other apps under Eating Well to help you out on your future travels and food exploration!

Previously, I have featured the Eat Well For Business Travel app which is a perfect app for those who are traveling due to reasons outside of leisure. On the other hand, for those who are traveling for the sake of enjoying life, here are a few of the Eating Well apps if you’re planning on visiting China, Japan, Thailand, Mexico, Venezuela and Israel.

Each application contains amazing features to guide your tummy as you go out and about in a land you’ve just stepped on. Since you’ll probably be clueless on where to eat as you trot around, trust the Eat Well apps created by Eat Well Global Inc. to give you the information you need.


  • How To Eat Well – Get an idea on the nutrition facts of the local dishes and some insights on how the residents are keeping themselves in shape.
  • Where To Eat Well – Every entry listed in this tab is proven by a nutritionist. See restaurants or a marketplace’s address so you can visit them and have yourself a very tasty and healthy meal.
  • Eating Well With Special Dietary Needs – If you are allergic to some food, make use of this feature to make sure that what you’re eating won’t make you waste your trip. To help you ask or order a dish, the app also comes with a recording of how to say a phrase if you
  • Eat Well At Home – Too tired to go out? Then you can refer to the app and cook your own dish! Complete with recipes and videos.

End Note

It’s not so much of an adventure if you’ll be looking for McDonald’s in your every travel, right? It’s much better to experience every aspect to get a better taste of the country. Unleash your adventurous spirit without sacrificing your diet by downloading the Eat Well applications on your iOS or Android devices. For $2.99, the app is totally worth it!

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Travel Buddy: Eat Well Apps for iOS and Android
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