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Travel smart with WorldMate.

Have you ever dreamed of travelling the world? Just like you, I’ve also envisioned myself of exploring the beauty of some of the famous cities such as New York, Paris, Greece and Italy. Traveling could be a bit tedious at times since you need a map, book your hotel, check currencies and a lot more hassle things, right? Well, let me magically turn your trip into a smart one as this app review will let you trot wherever you want to go. Join me with my pink luggage bag, boots with the fur, trench coat and an app called WorldMate.

Free for

Thrilled? Fasten your seat belts as we uncover the secrets of the newest travel buddy in town, WorldMate!

WorldMate is a free travel buddy app which allows you to plan, book and manage your trip any way you like it. You need not to bring your huge map, call a cab or browse over the net about the weather. Traveling could be a lot more fun and convenient when you have this app installed on your Android devices. Tip: Before you start with this app, you should send your travel confirmation emails to .


Itinerary Manager: Organize your to-do-lists and synchronize it with your Android device

Travel Widget: Be updated easily with alerts on your home screen such as next flight, meeting or location

Weather Forecast: Provides you with 5-day weather forecast anywhere in the world

Flight Reminder: Alerts you 4 hours before your scheduled flight

Currency Converter: Access to accurate currency converter with its easy-to-use calculator

Personal Travel Assistant: Get an instant assistant who will alert you daily when it comes to your upcoming trips, weather forecast and a lot more

Hotel Booking: With, the app will quickly browse your desired hotel according to your itinerary

Car Rental Booking and Reservation: Reserve a car, limo or van instantly in any airports around the world

Calendar Synchronization: Easily synchronize your WorldMate calendar to your Outlook, Google or Android calendar

Flight Search: With over 900 airlines available, browse easily for alternative flight schedules

Kirsten: The Would-be Traveler!

My heart skipped a beat for the magical features that this app has in store for the travelers and the would-be travelers! It is loaded with cool features which will definitely make your trip a hassle-free one! The design of the app is very simple yet slick. It is very easy to use which suits the needs of a certified traveler, right? Considering it’s free, this is a must-have app especially when you are a frequent traveler or you’re planning to become one.

Travel smart when you !

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Travel Smart with WorldMate
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