Ultimate Stacker: The Jelly Tower Emprise

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On September 20, 2012
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Ultimate Stacker is one of the many casual games that test your timing ability.

There are numerous variety shows in Asia that showcases extraordinary acts from different set of individuals or groups. Through the web, I can instantly access several episodes despite the distance between countries. One unique program in South Korea captured my attention when they presented the person with cup stacking speed ability. I’ve been watching the show several times and they never failed to excite me. I remember myself sticking my face on the computer screen for I might miss that most awaited part once I blink my eyes. There was even a time where I keep on repeating the clip just to see how that cool kiddo managed to do that kind of trick.

I was tremendously amazed after seeing that video. Now I know that cup stacking game really exists, it is in fact a familiar sports played by a lot of people around the globe in either single or groups that includes stacking using a plastic cups. A governing body was established to set out rules where players play the game in an exact sequence sporting the best time possible.

Today, many cup stacking players have been uploading videos sharing their fastest time playing the game. Cup Stacking is somehow one of the remarkable entertaining game for kids but also an equally fun activity for adults. Relatively speaking, there are bunch of stacker games popping out all over the internet and if you wish to try one of them you may surf the web anytime.

That kind of game is common worldwide like what I’ve said, it only vary from game concept, sound effect, and of course the overall visuals. After going through a lot of online stacker games, I have finally found the deserving one for me through TACOTY PH Play’s free tower building app called



The Jelly-cious Game

Ultimate Stacker highlights the story of the perky and curios jelly blocks that lives in a fantasy land which makes the game interesting. These restless jellies are curious about what lies behind the sky and so the conflict begins. I am pretty sure that in every problem there is a solution, your main role here is to help the colorful jellies reach their goal through the help of a friendly fella living outside the planet. You will be that kind-hearted fairy willing to grant their hopeful wish.

The main aim of the game is to perfectly align four rows of moving jelly blocks on top of each other. Sound simple right? Yes stacking is simple if the jellies only behave consistently. Just so you know the nature of these hyper jellies is unpredictable. As much as you want them to obey the rules and help each other they still can’t resist the excitement.

Game Features: 

  • Delightful jelly blocks in six different flashy colors.
  • Two diverse modes to choose from.
  • Disrupting birds that keep on flying during the course of the game.
  • Pleasant looking unidentified flying object dropping jellies.
  • Discover various jelly behaviour along the game.
  • Stack as high as you can.
  • Play all day from morning, afternoon, and night.




The Official Stacker

Ultimate Stacker is one of the many casual games that test your timing ability. The creators of the app were able to associate the jelly in the game of stacking adding an imaginative element. It entices you to play even more and at the same time challenge players to reach the highest limit possible knowing that the flying object hovers from left to right or right to left. Apart from that, the graphics is outstanding plus the kiddie intergalactic music is awesome though the ad at the bottom of the screen is bothersome. It would be best if the creators incorporated text aside from the illustrations because it sometimes generates confusion to users.

However, I want to give Ultimate Stacker four stars for the fantasy plot and for the panic it brought me. It made me believe that I am actually playing as a fairy helping out poor jellies. This is one positive app that encourages you to stack all the jellies flawlessly. I’ve been uttering too many arghs and loud ohhhhhhh while playing the game. And if you want to experience the same jolt, check out Ultimate Stacker for Android now. I’m telling you this is extremely addictive!




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Ultimate Stacker: The Jelly Tower Emprise
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