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Find some inner peace and build your own dream garden virtually.

At some point in your life, have you ever felt extremely tired not only from work but with all the chaos and problems happening in our country and the world as well? Once you get home, you try to embrace the serene and relaxing view of your garden which gives us a moment of peace for at least just a little while. The smell of the sweet flowers soothe our soul and the breeze of the wind slowly swings us to deep meditation. How calming it is to spend some ‘alone time’ in your beloved garden where you’ll feel sacred and secured.

Most people have this fetish with their garden at home. To some extent, they spend more time polishing and designing the landscape at their garden more than the interior of their house. Maybe most of you already have your own dream garden, a tranquil sanctuary, on your mind? Instead of wandering, why don’t you do it virtually with an app called Inner Garden?

Free for

Let’s plant your way to the fresh and lovely Inner Garden after the cut.

developed by Dust Flake is a free casual Android application which allows its users to have a platform where they can build their own dream garden with their Android device. The app is dedicated to garden enthusiasts who just love to create and showcase their talent, taste, personality and ideas with their finished garden. You’ve probably played with Sims, which is quite similar to this game. It is a diorama-like building set where you need to tap, flick, swipe or drag your finger to design your desired look and feel of your garden.


√ Various objects to choose from themed art packs such as Desert Garden or Classic Garden which are available for download on Google Play Store (paid)

√ No need to worry about making a mistake since you can simply tap on the Undo Button

√ Access to realistic and true-to-life art designs for your garden

√ Share your garden masterpiece to your friends via social networking sites or email

√ Simply use it as your phone’s wallpaper or print it as a post card/poster

√ Full internet access

Cozy Gameplay

The game begins with a pre-built garden. It’s up to you if you want to remove or add other objects depending on how you like your garden to look like. You can tap on the options tab, where you can find a tutorial if you’re a bit lost on what to do just like what happened to me. Double tap on an item to place it in your garden, flick an item to delete it, swipe your finger to add grass, tiles or water on your garden. Hence, after I learned the simple and intuitive controls, I had a good and fun time designing my own garden. There are various objects you can play around with: bench, trees, plants, gazebo and house. It would be more exciting if you can add another theme which will bring more objects to your design collection that you can choose from. Just like how the Desert Garden theme expansion which includes of cactus, rocks and stones can instantly add a touch of Western look to your garden. However the additional themed packs are paid extensions which can be downloaded from Google Play Store as well.

Kirsten Loves

As one of the artists of Inner Garden, Mr. Petr Mores said, “A garden, however small, is to us a place of beauty and peace where you can spend a few quiet moments that revive your soul.” My heart melts for their passion in creating an app which will truly be beneficial to a person’s creativity and peace of mind. It is definitely an app where creativity meets relaxation. I love the excellent graphics, soothing acoustic background music and intuitive controls which makes this a slick app that will keep you entertained for hours. I actually tried designing my own garden. Hence, this is not my dream garden. I should keep playing to update my taste into landscaping, don’t you think? Here’s the result:

Will you Unleash your Inner Garden?

Honestly, I don’t have a green thumb and I find it messy to help my mom design our real garden at home. Yet, at times like when I am stressed or tired from work, the best place that I would love to hangout would be our garden. It is a peaceful sanctuary where I can see beautiful flowers, colorful butterflies and fresh plants. I really get relieved when I stay at our garden.

Good thing, Dust Flake developed an app which a lot of garden enthusiasts or simply people who needs to take a break from the stress in the world, will love. All in all, this app deserves a five-star-rating! It is stress-free since all you need to do is tap, slide, flick or drag to create your own dream garden. If in any case, you want to make it real, you can use it as a canvas, a platform where you can design the whole  look and feel of the garden that you would really like to build. In the end, you can ask for help from those experts who can help you tranfrom this virtual garden into a real one! Nothing is impossible, right?

Watch the trailer below, find some inner peace and unleash your Inner Garden! !

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