Unraveling The Curse

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On October 13, 2012
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A classic puzzle called The Curse ($0.99) is a sure-fire way to fizzle out the complexity of other game apps.

I’ve been hooked up to different games lately giving me the effect of constantly browsing my android device over and over again. Producing a concrete checklist of my top games is a difficult one since I am dubious on what to write given the comprehensive categories of apps to choose from in the android market. It is somehow similar to a shop full of tempting display intended for desperate costumers who are ready to purchase an item anytime. The only thing I am sure off is to explore the games that I am interested with right now.

Oh well, downloading and purchasing apps became a habit to me now. This kind of addiction is like a curse for I cannot stop the fascination that I have started.

Wait did I mentioned the word curse? Just so you know that is in fact the game I recently played to lay myself off from the heaps of graphically high and intensified games I used to try. After my attempt with so many arcade and defense game, one app from Toy Studio, LLC finally made my day. A classic puzzle called is a sure-fire way to fizzle out the complexity of other game apps.

Can You Break The Curse?

A mysterious book, a masked mannequin, and an ancient curse, those are the things you have to anticipate when you play the game. As soon as you open the cryptic book, an ancient curse will be unleashed together with the masked mannequin who suddenly appears from a spurt of smoke. He is the roguish antagonist in the game who keeps on giving restless challenges while assiduously mocking you all throughout the challenge. I must warn you about the mannequin’s provoking voice because it is really distracting and annoying. Though scaring yourself with that strange looking figure won’t help because it is your mission to defeat him and the aged curse by gallantly solving the 100 vexing puzzles. That for you my dear is the real deal of the game.


The curse will provoke you to use your cleverness, test your memory, and directly overthrow the uncanny guy as you come across on every pages of the interactive book. Once you fail you can repeat the test up until you positively solve it. Make sure to collect cogs to gain access to the hidden compartment of the book for you to solve the final puzzle. Triumph may be sweet but do not underestimate the power of the challenging puzzles.

The Completed Puzzle

Playing the game is totally classic and baffling. This deserves four jerking points for its spooky idea, effective nemesis, fair visuals, and spellbinding sound effects. The dovetail relation between what you see and what you hear is pretty obvious plus the satirical voice of the mannequin adds crunch to the game making it a clear highlight. Giving “The Curse” a shot is worthy enough because it is a game that showed unique concept and consistency.

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Unraveling The Curse
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