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Match and connect color-coded bugs with WordaBugs Connect!

If there are lots of thoughts literally bugging your mind and you just want to shrug off everything to temporarily feel less anxious, or simply just relax, then forget about those awful feelings of boredom and whatnot. Be preoccupied and indulge into a game where you don’t have to ruminate and moreover, will help you de-stress from your monotonic chores everyday.

In this app review that I’ll be presenting, let me introduce you to a mobile application that may not totes sap your mental energy but rather, flex your brain and boost up your brain cells or neurons.

Much like the gaming applications, Flow Free, where you connect matching colors to create a flow and Meet Your Mate, where you pair all the lovey dovey couples, is in the same vein as these engrossing casual puzzlers.

Go over this latest puzzle game right after the cut.

From the developer Kensayso, is a puzzle game meant for Android devices where you connect bugs of the same color.


  • Enthralling Puzzle Gameplay
  • Cute and Colorful Graphics
  • Free Play
  • 4 Background Themes
  • Spin Bonus

The objective of each stage is to drag lines– be it up, down, left, and right– to connect “WordaBugs” alike in hue or color. Tap one color-coded bug and connect it with the other bug of the same color and you’re good to go in the succeeding levels. But do watch out as lines can’t be broken if they cross or overlap. Every level can be completed once all of the WordaBugs are linked together.

You may accumulate bonus points if you can draw all of the lines while the entire bugs are still spinning. You can check out the BugSpin meter beneath the puzzle to see how many bugs were spun by you.

With the same concept as Flow Free and Meet Your Mate, this easy as pie puzzler simply allows you to create a flow by matching colors. However, unlike with Flow Free, you don’t need to cover the entire board to solve each puzzle. Another thing is that, this app has obstacles such as blocks or rocks that hinders you from connecting a corresponding bug to its match.

And oh, if you’ve had enough of your current backdrop while playing the game, you may opt to switch to the other themes of your preference. Background themes available are Woody Bugs, Sweet Isabella, Mohadeo Grey and Red Zone (my personal favorite among the themes).

The first few levels are easy peasy but don’t be too confident as puzzles become more and more tricky as you go on. Basically, you will need to strive for logical accuracy and smart moves to match the colors accordingly.

Go With the Flaw

One of the foibles of the game that I consider is that, perhaps it would be far better if they’ve adapted the filling of the entire board to solve the puzzle. I mean, it adds a bit of challenge to the players. However, I think it’s no longer applicable due to the hurdles integrated in the app. Other than that minor drawback, I just noticed that once you’ve drawn a line in a wrong direction on the grid, it cannot be undone. Consequently, if everything else fail, you’ll just be urged to hit the refresh/reset button to start all over again a particular level. It would be much convenient if players can drag and reverse a line.

Gameplay wise, it surely reminds me of the other puzzlers of the similar concept. Besides that, it may seem as simple and as easy as them but the added twist of spin bonus definitely gave it a notch from others. Not to mention, its graphics and visuals are smooth and clean. It doesn’t have to be that extravagant to actually make it “work”. On another note, the input of adverts in the app isn’t much of a clutter as well since they are positioned properly.

Overall, regardless of some of its petty flaws, the mere satisfaction that this simple casual game app can give you is already what makes it worthwhile to play with.

The Game that Won’t Bug You

definitely can challenge you to think quickly and test your strategies of connecting the WordaBugs in the least seamless way. However, it may not be the best among the rest of its same kind but it’s a great avenue to spend your idle time.

This app is surely something to look forward to by the casual gamer bugs, it’s insanely addictive!

Be connected now and take it a spin on the for no price at all.

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